I am going through the worst nightmare of my life

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try to make this as short as possible, I was raised in the US till I was 15, I had to go to my mom's country(in which I was also born) Venezuela because of a family tragedy. My grandmother had an accident and she had no one to take care of her. My passport was no longer usable and I couldn't get a new one because of the president who stopped the giving of passport for like 5 years or more. My grandmother as soon as she got well, she started abusing me, yelling at me, depriving me from school, food, medicines, health... so I was doing so bad with her I ran away. I ended up in Colombia, where I was basically abused by this guy(i was underage, he was like 21, 23)... in 2008 he got me pregnant and I had the worst pregnancy ever... were he treated me really bad, and kept me even deprived of food, I almost die from anemia... when my daughter was born the nightmare continued until i was able to finally get away from him when the girl was 6-7 months old. He is also a pedofile. He would always call me on the phone, insult me, menace and threaten me. He was a total jerk. I sort of talked to his mom and i was so neive I *thought* she was a civilized woman. He even took my daughter from me various times. Then I started having a relationship with a man who is now my husband and is a perfect person, he is responsabile, supportive and cares about my daughter as if it were his. As soon as this jerk found out about my relationship his behavior became even worse, threatening to harm me by means of my daughter which is what he had left. He is a total psycho. I got so scared I put a restraining order on him, and also asked for protection from a government entity. On 2010 when he took my daughter and I had to make a hell of a sandal so he would give her back to me, my daughter was in a pretty bad shape and she had a chronic diarreah he said she had for a week and he didin't take her to a doctor. I took her to a doctor inmediatly and it was months of struggling until that diarreah went away. In Decemeber 2011 he filed in what is the CPS here in this country, he said I was a unfit mother, he said he was just suffering the worst nightmare in his life because I hated him and just because didn't let him see her daughter. He said I didn't feed her well, and a lot of things. When I got the appointment there i told all of this, so they ordered for a psychiatrich test for both of us (he said i was suicidal and a lot of things about me)... but may weird things have happened...

OH ! OH! OH! also, he used to stalk me everywhere, he knew my phone number where he called me a thousand times a day, which is still today the same phone number, but in child services he said I intentionally disapeared and he did EVERYTHING in order to try and find my whereabouts but he failed to do so. He also has all of my emails, knows my facebook, called my mother daily to threaten her (He even BOTHERED to call her all the way from Colombia to the USA!!!!), and her phone number has been the same for more than 20 years and is still the same. His mother would call me, and would call my mom, they would also write e-mails. So, he has my phone number,, my email my mom's phone numbers and her email, and so does his mother.

Anyways the person in charge of the case treats my like shit becuse according to her im a selfish mother who hates him and doesn't let him see his child just cause (he never even asked about her or gave her absolutley anything!) ... he submitted a lot of paperwork in their offices that says a lot of things. Even his mother has said incredible lies in there I'm still astonished, after I even took care of her!!!! .. I always begged him to get his daughter a health insurance and he never cared, so I had to pay doctors on my own. When I started dating my actual husband he got and has payed since my daughter's health insurance, but in Child Services it says its that jerk who pays for it!!!!! he also has a lot of documents from a health ensurance company where it says my daughter was in pretty bad state, unnurtured, sick, and stuff... and there are declarations of him and his mother saying I didn't feed my daughter and many more things!!! ...

In child services they haven't even let me talk, in december they set an amount of money for him to give me and he hasn't, and when I said this to the woman in charge she totally ignores me and treats me like shit and she treats him more lovingly than one would treat a son!!!!

WHat should I do about thisss???? Also the psychiatric test wasn't done by a psychiatrist but by a psycologist, and puts him like the most sane person in the world! and in my test results it quotes stuff I never even said of have never even happened!!!!

I am so desperate, today I was able to get my hands on the copies of the entire history of the case to see I could do something and just all the documents he has submitted leave me really badly put and I don't know what to do our how to do about it. Here in this country if one is affiliated to a heealth ensurance company it cannot affiliate to another one without retiring from the previeus one, so I affiliated my daughter with no problems.. but now he claims he was the one to affiliate her and that I did some bad ilegal stuff to afiliate it a a different one, and now that doesn't even make sense because it apppears he is the one who is paying and doing it for her!!!

Please please help im crushed to pieces :S

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OH and also in the pschiatric test done by the psychologist it says that my mother was unfit(which is totally untrue) and because she did not raise me correctly I basically opted to take "psychological refuge in a foreign culture, language (english), diet, and religion which are extremely questionable".

I'm not even colombian how can I think like someone from Colombia? ... I was raised and studied in the USA, how do they spect this to be different, my grandmother, my mother, and me and my husband are vegetarians, as well they aare all inclined to hindu and budism... how does she espect me to be different? how can she say I made this choice out of a child trauma if all my family raised me in this way and in the usa in english??? I feel insulted!!!!

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Thank you for taking your time of reading if you read so far, I tried to summireze as mch as possible. Also there's something more going on... the psycologists from CS said he couldn't visit the girl because she didn't know him... but agains that order this woman in charge of the case not only did she give him visits, but she forced me to let him take my daughter for a whole afternnoon, even when my daughter didn't even recognize him as ANYTHING he is a COMPLETE stranger to her... and now after he's been taking her she tells me she hates me and wants to go to his house. WHen she has barely seen him like only 3 times!!!!

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