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My name is Angela i am the mother of 3 kids all in their early 20's and a grandmother of 2 beautiful grand-kids, I have had my illness since childhood but over the last few years it has effected my body very hard until this year were I have be confined to home. Sorry earlier as part of my comment i state i was looking for work i was in formed by little miss that I an not suppose to do that sorry hope i did not hurt anyone's feeling it was not my attention. So I have taken that out as part of my comment; hopefully that want stop people from getting to know me.Plus another reason I joined this site is to make some friends I have only been in the city of st Louis for about a year and have been in and out of the hospital so much that I haven't had time to meet any woman in my neighborhood or at a church to get to call and have girl chats you know what I mean it feels nice when you can call someone on the phone and just have a nice talk. In the past i was what you call a workaholic i did not know the true value of making close connect to women friends until now. If i could go back in time I would make sure that I would take the time out to make better connection with women that are in my life. Well I don't want to over whelm you to much so I will save the rest for later if you don't kick me out. .thank you all and I look forward to getting to know you all. Thank you Angela

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Unfortunately, there are very few work at home jobs that pay hourly, and most of those start out as careers then shift to working at home.

I can identify with your story though. When I was a young girl (17) I was diagnosed with cancer and became homeless. I fell through the cracks for social assistance because my parents couldn't be found, but I was not yet 18. Anyway, I knew without college I'd never make enough to live comfortably after paying my hospital bills, and college was out of the question, so I started my own company. I bought a computer, but you already have that. I learned webdesign and marketing through books from my local library (and sneaking into the university library when I could). My website connected photographers with vendors who sold products photographers needed--I used paypal, which is free, to charge an advertising fee to the vendors, and a convenience fee to the photographers. It grew quickly and by my 22nd birthday, I had started a second manufacturing company, and had 7 figures in my bank account. I've gone on to create 4 more companies, all but one were successful.

In my life, I've found that if you want to make money, you have to create a way to do it yourself. Most people who hire others to work for them pay the least amount possible to get the work they need done--even I do it--because they want to keep as much of the profit for themselves as possible. That's how capitalism works.

Almost any business you start will involve some kind of investment, but you should be investing in YOUR company, not someone elses. If someone promises to send you "everything you need to get started" it's a scam. The only way to build a successful business is from the ground up.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 08/05/2013




This is NOT a place to solicit for work.

Wish people would read the headline posts on the first page.

~WtCoM MoD LiTtLe MiSs~

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