I am having a real hard time with my 6 year old daughter talking back and screaming at her dad and I. We have tried giving her more positive attention and spending more time with her, but that doesn't seem to be working either. For punishment we have taken things away, tried time out. Nothing works she does what she wants when she wants to. Now her 3 year old bother is starting to give us trouble we need help!! Are we doing something wrong? I don t really know what went wrong! I am a stay at home mom who gives most of my live and time to my kids. Please help me!


♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 07/24/2012




Calmly explain to her that her behaviour is NOT OK, and that she needs to fix it. Ask her how you can help her fix it. Ask her why she yells, what is bothering her, why she feels the need to be so disrespectful when all you do is love and raise her?

Have routines changed lately? Something new in her life/school/peer group? Has anyone close to her passed away?

Did these problems "just pop up", or has she always been this way, and you're just noticing more because your younger is now starting the act?

Once you figure out the root, then your solutions will be easier. Well, not easier, but perhaps more plain...But, generally, in that age range, a change in routine, or similar circumstances could be a kicker. Good luck with your efforts.

I'd have to say (unless you've absolutely handed this child everything she ever wanted) that it's nothing you're doing "wrong", per se, but perhaps a situation that needs deeper investigation.

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