I am having trouble getting a 9 mo. baby boy to sleep more than 3 hours in a row at night any suggestions, we are on a schedule, last 8 oz at 7;45 he sleeps till midnight, screams, then every hour and a hlf after


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Chelese - posted on 11/05/2011




I would try like the other ladies said. I would start off maybe giving a teaspoon of rice cereal and mix it with like 4 teaspoons of breast milk I would make it soupy since he has never had solids before you dont want him to choke. He may do the tongue thrust and push it out but should take most of it down. Caleb between 5 and 8 months or so would just stay up until the very wee hours of the morning. He would not doze off until 2ish in the morning. It was killing me. So I started with the rice cereal and every week increase the teaspoons and decrease the breast milk. Plus another thing I started doing when he was around 7 months old was trying to get him to stay awake more in the daytime by just playing with him and keeping him entertained. I know babies need so much sleep in a days time but when they start reaching 6 or 7 months and start coming out of that infant state you can keep them up longer. For Caleb by the time night time rolled around he was too sleepy and satisfied with milk and food that he slept from 11 to like 3 am or so. He would get up one time to have his milk and go back to sleep. Getting that full sensation is quite a bit for them to handle and since it takes so much for them to digest it pretty much just puts them right to sleep.

Cindy - posted on 11/03/2011




My babies used to munch on organic baby rice cakes at that age. When seriously supervised I would give them carrot sticks and apple slices - they can help with teething. I only had trouble with my kids sleeping through the night when they were teething, other than that they both slept through from about three months. My sisters boy was a different story. No matter what she did he would still wake up a lot during the night and still can do now aged 4. He seems to wake up with anxiety. Teething crystals and teething gel worked well when mine were teething. I used to keep some in their bedroom, they seemed just as fed up with being disturbed as I was and soon went back to sleep.

Bonnie - posted on 11/03/2011




I agree with the others on giving him something more than just a bottle...cereal or fruit perhaps. There could also be other reasons he is waking other than because of hunger though. He could be teething and/or going through separation anxiety. Babies sleep patterns tend to change.

Marquita - posted on 11/03/2011




I agree with Susan about giving him something more to eat before bed maybe that will keep him settled longer. If that does not work then maybe he still needs to adjust. I say this because my soon to be 3-yr old did not sleep through the night until he was almost 20 months. If the food thing does not work try tiring him out as much as you can during the day. Kids are such a handful that sometimes you just have to do trial runs to see what works.

Susan - posted on 11/01/2011




Have you started your little one on foods yet? A little rice cereal with that 7:45 bottle would help him sleep. I know what doctors are saying these days about solid food. But I raised five very contented babies. Two of them walked at nine months. Just make the cereal about the consistency of the formula. Feed him with a spoon,, don't put it in a bottle, he will need to learn that good stuff comes on a spoon.. Also rice cereal is the one that causes the least allergies so it's a good starter, after a few months you can mix some banana, or pear baby food to it..

This is what my Doctor recommended long ago and even though she's retired now, she would probably say the same thing today.

Raising your babies should be done by their needs, they are all different, and it's up to you to see those needs.

God Bless your family

Susan Dunn

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