I am having trouble with my son keeping his clothes on?

Jennifer - posted on 04/03/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son will not keeps his clothes on, if he is wearing clothes he is very picky about the clothes he wears, I give him a choice on what clothes he can choose from but he puts up a fight.


Carol - posted on 04/04/2011




How old is he? Many kids love being naked - my daughter hated wearing clotes when she was little - our rule was that she did not have to wear clothes at home but if we went out - or had visiters she had to wear clothes - some kids have assues with the texture of clothes - too rough - feel the inside and see what is next to their skin - undershirts are a great barrier - tags are also an issue for those with sensitive skin. Hay don't you like to come home and take your work clothes off - being naked is wonderful!


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Emma - posted on 04/05/2011




i was also going to ask how old he was. my son is 4 and still strips off in the house, luckily he will keep them on when were out and at other ppls houses. my DS also very picky about clothes hates new ones but thats due to his ASD, dont worry your child probably isnt ASD but it is a common thing, my DD is the same and tells me what he wants to wear if se likes it or not, what she may like one day she may not like another, just a form of growing up and finding their individuallity and knowing their own mind, its good that they have choices but try to keep the choices to two sets of clothes as you could be there all day. have fun

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