I am in shock after 25 years husband has left me and two boys

Jean - posted on 04/08/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




States that he has no money, so where did the money go?


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Jodi - posted on 04/08/2014




This is a reason I believe both parties in a relationship should be in control of the finances, not just one. I struggle to understand how you could not know there was no money left and where it went.

However, you need to protect yourself and your children financially. You need to find out where it did go. You may need to talk to a lawyer. Has he taken it when he left you? Has he been planning this and deliberately hiding it? Does he have a gambling problem? I don't know, but if he has hidden it so you can't get any when he left you, then you need to find some sort of proof.

Marcela - posted on 04/08/2014




SUCKS!! But men will be men one thing that you should do is be independent that way you don't have to rely on him or no one else. I went thru the same thing the only thing that helped me was being independent I support my kids and myself and I make it happen:) My aunt she is older by 10 years to her now ex-husband she was a house wife dedicated to him and 3 children and after 20 years my aunt finds out he was cheating on her with one of his co-workers he now lives with her. My aunt had a big depression she couldn't believe it > And another thing was she never worked for the 20 years they were together so she was very dependent on him and his income. She struggled big time since shes older and hadn't worked in years she cant find a job although shes applied everywhere so the only thing she does now is sell from catalogs (MAry Kay, Avon, Scentsy etc. etc. But don't worry life keeps going ,your two boys need you so be strong keep your head up and stay positive. Good luck to you!!

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