I am looking for a good work at home job but I don't want any scams because I have been scammed enough. I am looking because I want to be at home with my daughter. I am missing so much in her life!


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Michelle - posted on 08/02/2012




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Annalisa - posted on 08/01/2012




Sorry if you have had bad experiences with work at home jobs.
However, there are many reputable opportunities available.
I am a single mom, and I am blessed able to support my family by working for a few of these companies.

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Hi Stephanie, the only way you can work from home and not be scammed is to set up your own business where you are in control. Even that is difficult though, because setting up any type of business takes time and effort, and money. If you have a skill that can benefit your community then you could start up a little business from home. But anyone that advertises "work from home" schemes that promise a large income are really just interested in scamming money from you and the only people getting any income is them.
Me personally, I take in ironing.

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They are all scams. You can only work from home if you are capable of starting your own business and building it yourself.

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