I am lost ... don't know how to handle my 2yo tantrums

Jazz - posted on 02/22/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi I'm new to this ... never posted on any site like This but I need help .... I am a young mom I'm 23 my baby girl is 2 ... and I love her soooooooo much ... but unfortunately I have some things I'm battling with .... I think I have an anger problem ... I do not beat my child but I do pinch her sometimes and a Lil spank on the butt with her pamper on. .. (just needed to get that out the way ) but I'm not one to express my feelings... whenever I do ppl never care ...like my feelings never matter ... so I have years of built up emotions ... my daughter's tantrums are the worst !! I never know if something is really wrong or if she is just being dramatic.. for example sleepy time is like the end of the world for her ... she refuses to sleep I try everything !!!!!!!! After nothing works I put her in the crib and just let her cry it out..sometimes it works... when it doesn't she screams so loud she bangs her head against things she falls on the floor throws her body around its crazy ... so I pinch her and tell her to stop ... I find myself being a Lil more aggressive than the norm cause I just get so frustrated ... some times I go where I can be alone and I hit myself ... (I know stupid right ) but I can't help it ... I punch myself in my thigh over and over again to the point where I bruise ... not all the time only really bad nights ... I just get so frustrated Idk what to do... am I a bad person ? I did see a therapist for depression a while ago but she barely even spoke to me ... it was like talking to a brick wall ... I don't want to be a bad mom or an angry mom or an unstable mom... please help me !!! Do I have an anger problem ?


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