i am male and married . my wife is not educated but ilove her.she give birth before one month . when shall we make sex


Angela - posted on 05/07/2013




Not really sure what you're asking here. However, reading between the lines it seems as though you're quite keen to resume your sex life but not too keen for your wife to get pregnant again - hence you comment "my wife is not educated".

I'm also unsure whether your wife has had the baby yet? Providing there are no risks associated with intercourse during pregnancy (and every pregnancy is different so don't ASSUME it's OK) then you may continue making love with her whilst she's pregnant.

Now - after the birth. The general recommendation is to wait 6 weeks after the birth before making love but many couples feel ready before this. The issue is that you should BOTH feel ready and not just ONE of you. Ensure that you're using a reliable method of contraception and using it correctly. If your wife doesn't know about this kind of stuff or you're unsure yourself, then see your doctor or Family Planning Clinic TOGETHER.

The contraception a couple select should be a joint decision. It is NOT the sole responsibility of the woman. Condoms are very good because they do NOT involve having synthetic hormones or chemicals in the body. No woman should feel obliged to be using a hormonal form of contraception simply because her partner doesn't like wearing condoms.

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