I am new to this site and would apperciate any information you could give me. My son was appointed thur the courts a GAL, I just want to know thur other moms, what to expect. My son wants to move to Alabama, where my family is. Dad has had alcohol problems for a while and we have not seen him much in 2 yrs. Mabey twice. So my son brought it up to move, and I filed the paper work with the courts. Dad shows up and now wants to fight me. Can anyone tell me what to expect with this GAL that I have requested. I want only the best intrest for my son, he will be 13 soon. Am I making the right choice with the GAL? HELP!


Kristi - posted on 04/27/2013




GAL's are very helpful. Judges take their advice and opinion very seriously. The GAL works for your son.

He/She will talk to everybody. He/She will get know your son and what he wants and how feels in a non-threatening environment and then relay that back to the judge in a logical, professional manner. Whereas, if your son had to testify in court, he'd be sitting on the stand with you and his dad and two attorneys and a judge staring at him, asking him all kinds off questions, trying to get the "right" answers out of him. Talk about nerve racking and having hard time putting your best foot forward!

When you talk to the GAL just be open and honest and remember, you only want what's best for your son. That means you focus on all the positive experiences and things he will gain if you and he move to Alabama and not as much on the negative stuff about dad. Try not to get too emotional and worked up. The GAL will tend to take your words more seriously if you're being reasonable and rational. Advise your son to be equally as open and honest and not to be afraid to say anything negative about you. All kids have something they don't always like about their parent(s).

It can be a long and frustrating process, so you'll need a lot of patience! Be prepared for your ex to get visitation. He does have rights, even though it may seem like he doesn't deserve them. The GAL should be able to sort through all of that and determine your ex's real reason for wanting custody, he/she may determine his dad just genuinely wants time with his son. You and your son should accept that as a real possibility now.

I hope everything does work out for the best. Good luck and many blessings.

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