I am not sure where to post this I just need some advice on a nosy neighbour.

Laura - posted on 07/21/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I don't know where to post this I have a noisy neighbour who always sticks her noise in other peoples business when it has nothing to do with her to make a long story short I had said something offensive to my new neighbour last night everyone was outside drinking and I could hear them talking about it and I felt very uncomfortable and angry so I went outside and told my new neighbour that she should put something else on cause her you know what was almost poking out of her shorts. I had said the C word I never called her a C I referred to her you know what hanging out anyways she and I had talked about it and she forgave me for the thing I said to her and now were ok were cool but this morning I go onto Facebook and I have not but 2 messages from my noisy neighbour telling me how horrible I am how I don't deserve her love and the thing I said to her was so meat and nasty. I want to know how do I tell her it has nothing to do with her what I said I apologized for and it had nothing to do with her. I need advice on how to tell her off basically cause she keeps sending me these messages its stupid and childish and I need her to stop doing that, but when I tell her this she won't listen.


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Tell her that all has been resolved and she shouldn't be sor worried about it. Then Block her on facebook.

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I wouldn't tell her off. She is your neighbor and you're stuck with her as long as you live there. If anything TRY to let it just go and be nicey nice. Kill her with kindness. If you tell her off you could really start a war and you don't want that!


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Laura - posted on 07/21/2012




Yeah your right I don't want to be taken down to her level of high school bull shit. I do have a daughter who I an trying to set good examples for and I know we all make mistakes and we need to be forgiven for them but its hard when you have a nosy neighbour who just won't let it go and it has nothing to do with her. I couldn't even give the poor girl a proper apology because the nosy neighbour said to me that she had to sit in and listen to what I was saying because she was offended by it I could feel myself getting angry and mad with her for not letting me deal with it was between me and the other girl and we dealt with it but she can't let it go so I think I am just going to leave it alone and let it go and if she tries to bring it up again or say anything I'm just going to ignore her and not say anything because I want to be the bigger person in all of this and I don't want to be like her she thrives on sticking her nose where it doesn't belong.

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