I am nursing my son he is 4 months old. From 2 months he has been sleeping between 5-6 hours thru the night. For the past 2 weeks he has been waking up almost every hour again for feedings. I am worried that he isn't getting enough to eat. I have attempted to give him formula for his last feeding before bed but he won't take a bottle. He has also been feeding alot more during the day. Any suggestions about how to increase milk supply would be greatly appreciated


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Sounds normal. I went through the same thing in a way.

But anyways, they say fenugreek will help milk supply. It will increase it. Some woman it has helped and others it hasn't. You have to try it yourself.
My sister tried beer. She drank 1 beer a day and it helped her. I did try it too for a couple of times and it seem to have worked for me. But, I didn't do it often. It's worth a try. It helped my sister, she breastfed her babies for a little over 1 year.

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