I am pregnant with twins and I am the sole provider cannot find a job

Veronica - posted on 09/02/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have three other children 12,9 and 7 and they need me. I'm a single parent and need to provide for my children my husband recently left and I can't find a job, anywhere. What should I do?


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Karla - posted on 09/04/2015




Hi, I am sorry you are having a hard time finding a job. Check with the Department of Human Services (dhs) in your area. Sometimes they have job placement/training programs. I pray that things will start to get easier and God will provide a job for you. In Jesus name Amen!

~♥Little Miss - posted on 09/02/2015




Well, get a lawyer if you have not already done so. Make sure you will be receiving alimony AND child support. In the meantime, apply for whatever government assistance that you can, while working at a grocery store or fast food joint. You need income period. Work while they are at school. Not sure how far along in your pregnancy you are, but there has to be work somewhere. Good luck love. Get a lawyer!

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