I am returning back to work in a week, my two month old son is not taking the bottle... any advice?


Amy - posted on 08/05/2012




Try having someone else give it to him when you aren't around. See if your husband can "trick" him by giving it to him in the middle of the night, or maybe try starting out by breastfeeding and as he dozes off you can try and switch him to a bottle. You also may want to warm the nipple slightly before offering a bottle and try make sure the milk is the same temperature as getting it from the breast.

Try different bottles and nipples, I used playtex ventaire wide nipple bottles with nipples 0-6 months. Your caregiver may have to use a medicine dropper to get your baby to eat. Your baby may also reverse cycle which means he will eat very little during the day but will wait for you to get home.

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