I am so conflicted right now . I just am really unsure about sending my little girl to preschool.. does she really need two years and they go 4 days a week all day..She knows her ABC,s , counts to 10, knowscolors, and shapes but I dont know what to do, so many tell me too...any advice will be greatly appreciated


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Michelle - posted on 08/04/2012




I agree with Dove. The other thing preschool teaches is the routine of school. It's not just about the ABC's etc. It teaches them that there are set times for play, learning and breaks.

Dove - posted on 08/04/2012




It's really up to you. I am a HUGE fan of preschool and feel that every child should go (though I do know some kids who didn't and are still thriving in school), but I think whether to send a child to one year or two is a really individual decision.

Some kids do fabulously in all day, every day preschool at 3 and other kids still need only half days or part time at 4. 'Most' kids fall somewhere in between. Only you know your kid and situation best. If you are leaning towards sending her... give it a shot. You can always pull her if it doesn't work out and she can go again next year. If you are leaning against sending her... keep her home another year and just make sure she gets some good social interaction at least a few times/week.

Good luck with your decision!!

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