I am so down this week - really miss both my children, one in Ireland and the other in New Zealand. I live in S Africa and wish my children and grandchildren were here! I am so depressed and sad!


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Gena - posted on 11/08/2014




Not sure how to make you laugh..maybe you will laugh when i tell you that i am from SA but living in Switzerland..and i keep my creme soda cans so long because i am scared i wont get a new one that they expire..i have a bag full of chappies and nik naks,i kept them so long that they all expired,the nik naks were so chewy but i ate them anyway:) the chappies bubblegums are so hard that i almost break out my teeth trying to chew them,but atleast my fizzpops turned into a chewy mass. My grandfather does the same like me..i bring him chocolates and he also doesnt eat them until they are too old and dont taste good. I dont know why we are so silly to do it like we do,we should just eat/drink the stuff and enjoy it when we get it! So drink a fresh creme soda for me that still has fizz :) btw i also miss my fam in SA..its hard having family in different countries. Sending you hugs!

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