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My 21yr old daughter, moved out of my home in February, 2013. May 2013, after Mother's Day, she has asked me to give her some space and not to talk to her. In June, she texted me to ask if she can have her younger sister go to her home. Since my youngest last visit with my oldest, in May (day before Mother's Day), she has come home crying. My youngest proceeded to tell me that she was sad after watching a program on TV. I found it strange as she was very quiet for the next few days. I have asked my oldest, what has happened at her home to have her sister come home so quiet and sad, and she also stated that they were watching a sad program. I left it alone. In June, 2013, I receive this text from the oldest that she intends to see her sister without my consent, whether I liked it or not. The youngest's school called my husband and told him of this news and they thought it was suspicious. He waited at the school and she didnt show up, what a relief I tell you as I am not sure why she texted me that. My youngest, then started telling us, things that my oldest was telling her about how we both are not good parents and that when my youngest is old enough, she will take her out of our home. We both work Full-time, except I work outside of the home and my husband works within our home. I don't understand what has happened and my husband doesn't know either. My youngest is so upset that she feels that she has betrayed us by listening and believing her sister.

A few days ago, out of no where, my oldest texted and asked when she could see her sister, and I have answered her back with asking her when she can explain to us what has happened and to respect us.

Where do I do from here? She told me that she will never have a relationship with me ever again. I am at a loss.

How do I cope from this. I have always made sure that I don't spoil her with material things and has spent tons of one-on-one times with her, as her biological father and I have split.


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Jodi - posted on 09/01/2013




Joan, it sounds to me like there is more to this story. Have your daughters elaborated on this "program" they watched? It seems very odd.

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