I am sooo Panicked.

Ume Ammara - posted on 10/09/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




I had my first baby in April 2006 at 34+5 days. I ve developed high bp in 28th week and then had him premature as he was not gaining weight and docs decided for c section. My baby was only 1.75 kg but healthy otherwise but when he was 5 days old he developed an infection and was sent back to incubator. Now at 5 yrs of his age we know that he had a stroke as a baby b4 or after birth and lost his vision...he has very low vision.
These all yrs been so frightening for me and i always thought of being responsible for all what happened to him... Now I m pregnant again at the age of 35.. I cant tell how panicked i am... i m 5 weeks and have no courage to go to Gyn and get my bp checked... I ve developed severe phobia for bp after my son's birth ..I know its really important to visit the Gyn but dont know what shd i do about my fear . I just cant go thru again what happenned to me before...Can anyone share his experince and suggest me what shd i do now?


Elizabeth - posted on 10/09/2011




I have severe panic attacks when it comes to going to the doctors so I definately feel for you. You do need to see a Gyn. Is there anyone that you can get to make your appointments for you and to take you to them? Sometimes it is easier to go to the doctors if someone else is there waiting for you to get in the car.

Do you have a Gyn that you would go to? Call and talk to the nurse and explain your panic problems. You need someone who is compassionate and understanding of your panic as well as your body. The nurse can explain your panic to your gyn so she/he will be able to approach you in the right way when you get there. If insurence allows, you don't have to stay with a doctor that you are not comfortable with.

In the US, you can buy blood pressure moniters at most drug stores or Kmart type stores. You could keep tabs on your own BP throughout the day, and learn what increases or decreases the BP.

Talk to your doctor about taking biofeedback. It might be covered by insurence. It is basically a way of relaxing the body and having some control over heart rate, body temperature and BP. It its not available to you, look for some relaxation or meditation classes. Your public library, local churches or community centers may offer them free of charge. If you can't find any, you might want to borrow a meditation or relaxation CD from the library.

Take deep slow breathes every time you start to panic. It will help to keep the panic and your BP down.

Good luck.

Jaime - posted on 10/09/2011




Ume, I experienced some different fears throughout my pregnancy than what you are describing, but I can sympathize with the level of stress it puts on you. You seem to understand the importance of having your prenatal checkups, so now it's just a matter of having some extra supports in tow to help you deal with whatever information the doctor gives to you. Bring your spouse, a close friend, your mom or anyone that you feel comfortable sharing that information with. I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties and struggles of your son when he was a newborn, I can only imagine that must have been an incredibly emotional and fearful time for you. Just take this pregnancy one day at a time and if you need to, talk to a counselor or contact a women's health care centre (perhaps one that deals specifically with pregnancies) and get in touch with a professional support system as well. I wish you well and hope that everything goes smoothly for you, but this is a fear you will need to confront for the sake of your health and for the baby as well. ♥

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You need to go to the doctor and get your BP checked. High BP can damage your body and injure or kill your baby. You and your baby's best chances to remain healthy is to get close medical supervision throughout your pregnancy.

You were NOT responsible for what happened to your first child, but if you don't get to the doctor you will be responsible for any damages to this second child and to your own body. The advantage you have THIS time is that you know what happened last time so the doctors will be warned to watch you carefully to give you and your baby the best possible outcome.


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I'm glad you went to your OBGYN today. That's a good move for both you and your baby.

Your BP could be anxiety or linked to genetics or your thyroid. You may want to have bloodwork done to check that. Also see if your OBGYN will try to schedule an NST (non stress test) This will help you to monitor your BP at a rest.

I have a hyper active thyroid and hypertension. Both my girls were induces because of me being pre eclemptic.

I had my 2nd daughter back in March 2 weeks early because my BP at rest during an NST was 80/102. I have issues with my diastolic, I also just turned 30 and like you am panicked about when I have my next one. My baby girl was only 5lbs 7oz when we left the hospital and when I was in labour with her my diastolic went over 200.

The most important thing you can do though is not blame yourself. You took care of your body while you were pregnant and didn't drink or smoke or do drugs. You should talk with your OBGYN about your problems and see if he or she can help you. I was on a med for my BP when I was pregnant with my younger daughter that helped if I took it 3x a day.

I really hope everything works out for you.

Ume Ammara - posted on 10/26/2011




I had my 1st prenatal today. i had to gather a lot of courage to go there lol...ok i was checking my bp at home since last week( i checked it after 5 yrs:))it is normal like 104/65 most of the time but when i reached doc's office and the nurse checked it my bp was 138/78..oh no i will ve to go all that again then my doc came in and she assured me i shd not worry as it can be controlled and tried to make me feel better ..it shd ve come down down but when she checked it was 150/80...doc thinks its just anxiety and i don't ve hypertension but i really don't know what i shd do about this white coat hypertension...i really want to get rid of it...at home again it was again 106/64..do anyone ve any suggestions?

Ume Ammara - posted on 10/09/2011




Thank u all.... I will go to Gyn next week and discuss all my fears. I ve to take my son to pediatric nuerologist on tuesday and vision therapist on wednesday, i hope i will be better after that..These appointments are also making me nervous.

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