i am starting to hate my MIL!

Lauren - posted on 05/19/2015 ( 6 moms have responded )




Where do I start? My boyfriend and I have been living with his mom since last June because financially its what we had to do. During pregnancy we were somewhat okay until she started to make baby name requests for my son. She had to have a say in everything and it progressively got worse. One day her, my boyfriend and I went to walk around a local flea market and I came across a diaper bag that I really liked. Me and boyfriend were talking about getting it when she comes up and starts putting her two cents in telling me I would get one for my babyshower. (She was supposed to plan this babyshower and never did. I knew she wouldnt.) At that point I had enough. I went off and she threatened to put me in the psychward while I was 8 months pregnant. Once it got closer to the due date she started hounding me about who was going to be in the delivery room, my mom or her, and she would say things like "I'll be upset for a little while, but I'll get over it" and tried to send me on a guilt trip about it. Everytime weve talked about moving out, she always has something negative to say. She has, since day one, tried to change the way i dress, my hair, anything she thinks she can control, she tries. Once my son was born she started overstepping BIG time. Everytime he cries, she bust in our room and tries to soothe him. When hes sleeping, she will go im his room to make sure hes covered up or just to check on him. (Im in the next room, with the baby monitor.) When im rocking him to sleep, she will come uncover him and talk to him. While im feedinh him, she will come get in our face and talk to him. She tells me what to do with him and always wants him to try new things that are above hia age group (like food, juices,meds ect.) He is 3 months. This has caused so many problems betwern my boyfriend and I because it has always pissed me off, until he just recently started standing up tp her. Everytime he does, she gets offended and plays the "poor ole me" card. I cant take this anymore. What do i do?


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Sasha - posted on 05/22/2015




Same! My MIL is very intrusive to my affairs. I suggest a good ol' knife fight.

Raye - posted on 05/20/2015




She has already been a mother, and now it's your turn. Tell her that you appreciate her trying to help you, because she's been there and has knowledge you don't. But tell her that she needs to TALK to you about her suggestions, not just jumping in, and that you have a right to do things differently. You aren't trying to disrespect her, it's just you have different parenting styles, and she needs to allow you to be the parent of your own child. I'm with the other ladies, though, you should try to move as soon as you can.

Ledia - posted on 05/19/2015




What do you do? You move out.

Sorry, but she's entitled to her opinion, whether you like it or not, and in her own home, she's entitled to voice said opinion. You don't have to take her advice--the child is yours--but if you live under her roof, you do have to put up with her voicing her opinion. If you don't want to hear it, get a job and get a place of your own so you you can lock her out of it.

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