I am struggling with ideas of what to do with my 2 1/2 yr old son. I take him out for long walks daily to look at nature, to the park, to the stores if necessary. I colour with him, read books, and let him have his imaginary play. Once in a while he does get to go to an indoor playground, but I still feel like I could be doing more for him. Any craft suggestions, other play suggestions?

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Amanda - posted on 04/23/2009




get the book of kid concoctions. i dont have time now but i hjave a great book for toddlers, i will go through it and make a list of activities for you.

Julie - posted on 04/23/2009




Thanks ladies for all your suggestions and replys. It is good to see that we all struggle with certain things and that there is always people willing to help out.

In response to some of the questions, I do have Micah play with kids who are around his age or older. Most of his cousins that he sees frequently are around the same age or older, so he plays well with them, and on his own. He is a very intelligent and independent boy who is full of life, joy, and laughter. He loves to sing and dance. i play a lot of music for him and dance and sing with him. He knows most of his letters, and shapes, and he can count to 10 but doesn't yet know what the numbers look like just by me pointing to them and asking him what they are.

Going to the zoo is where my husband and I have already planned to take him and his sister this summer with one of our neighbour friends and their son. We thought it would be a fun adventure. We were going to continue him in swimming this summer b/c we know he loves water, and we found a water splash park near our house that he can enjoy himself at every now and again.

Going to the library was always on the back of my mind, but Micah just doesn't sit and listen to a book just for the sake of doing it. He loves having books at morning wakeup, after nap, and before bed. Otherwise he enjoys just looking at them himself, but I really can't see him sitting through "storytime" at the libary. I kind of always pictured myself running after him most of the time and in the end just being frustrated. I think I will try it in the future when he will listen to me when I ask him to sit, he will actually sit.

Again ladies, thank you for all your incredible ideas. I am definately going to try them all out and will let you know in time, how they turned out.

Linda - posted on 04/22/2009




Do you have play dates? or sometimes kids doesn't need too much activities to overwhelm them...they might just like playing by themself in their own room....you want to also teach your son to be independent.....just relaxing in a kiddie pool if it's hot

Jennifer - posted on 04/22/2009




wow honey you are doing really good keeping that little man entertained you are really doing great i wouldn't worry about doing to much more most kids really love singing have you tryed that i know mine love to sing songs

Amber - posted on 04/22/2009





Charlene - posted on 04/22/2009




Look for playgroups in your area, quite often hosted by community resource groups. Go to the playground and try and meet other parents with kids the same age, try out play dates. My son loved kicking a soccer ball around the yard, flying kitesm making our own roads out of masking tape on cardboard and drawing on building's & such. Also I would try to listen to different music with him everyday and get up and dance. Gypsy Kings used to be a favorite on a dreary day when we couldnt get out, I would put on the cd and turn it up and we would dance away.

Sara - posted on 04/22/2009




we live in the country, and right now its garden time!!! my son helped me plant the big veggie garden, and today he just helped me do one of my many flower gardens... he loves it ... he's all boy and loves to be outside, to get dirty, and feel like a big boy. he has his smaller shovel and he digs right in with me. he feels a sense of accomplishment because he can go out everyday and help me ten it and see the results of his work... not to mention it helps develop patience... sometimes in the both of you!! lol!! if you live in a place where you can't garden you can grow something like a tomato plant in a pot and have it buy a window... or flowers in cups in the window seal. other than that we finger paint, he has an art table where he draws and colors, he helps cook, (thats a fun one), he loves anything,,, oh and for easter, instead of letting him be in the dye... i dyed the eggs, then together we glued feathers beaks and googley eyes on them to make chickens and glued the eyes and some ears on them for bunnies... you really could do it anytime of the year,, and you can also write on a warm egg with a crayon and thats fun... theres just too many things to mention, but it sounds like you guys do a lot already!!

Kristina - posted on 04/22/2009




You can always get a jump start on schooling, learning shapes, colors, letters of the alphabet, numbers.... there are also activity books out there with arts and crafts and stuff to do.

Jamie - posted on 04/22/2009




oh yeah picnics we love those but of course my son cries to be outdoors. I took him in the woods in the creek, in a cool little waterfall. Get him together w some other kids. My son also loves to ride on the back of my bicycle. Good luck. Just keep them busy- they sleep better at night and so do u!

Jamie - posted on 04/22/2009




We go to parks to play on the playground, walks ,hikes , finger painting. That is a great age. My son loves the water so he loves to play in the bath tub or pool.

Kelly - posted on 04/22/2009




My older daughter and I used to play a game while riding in the car; she called it the "pick game"-sort of like "I Spy", we would take turns "picking" something we saw and the other person had three guesses as to what it was. Like "I see something green" and it might be trees, trash cans at the street, or road signs. She loved this so much and it was good practice on her colors! From there we moved on to counting mailboxes on a road, or fences, or whatever to practice counting. She was chatty and anything could be made into a game to practice skills she was learning. My younger daughter however, never cared for these games too much, but she loves "doing homework" in her "office" - a table in the corner of the dining room, with her coloring books, papers, etc. With my boys (teenagers now so it has been a long time), I specifically remember sitting on the floor in say, the living room, and sending them to find me "something blue" or "green" or whatever. They would bring back a toy of the color; that was how we practiced their colors, and then shapes. Your son is going to soon get to an age to learn to cut with children's scissors (WATCH CAREFULLY of course!), and just giving him scraps pieces of paper to cut up in little bits is a good cheap way for him to get the hang of that skill. You can also build "obstacle courses" in the house for him to go through (listening to music makes this even more fun). He can jump over pillows, climb under tables, crawl over chairs lined up, etc. all around a room and little ones usually love that. He's a little young for gluing, but that won't be too far ahead. Maybe he can practice with a crayon making circles, straight lines, etc. on paper, in anticipation of learning to write letters? Kids usually love practicing new skills, and it keeps those little brains growing! Have fun!

User - posted on 04/22/2009




If the weather is warm enough where you are - he's probably old enough for a wading pool!

Jaime - posted on 04/22/2009




Hi Julie,

I also am in the same boat with 2.5 year old, though I have a girl. Aside from the indoor and outdoor activities we do at home we also like: bowling, swimming (indoor this time of year), going to the zoo???? Also, if you check with your local park district to see what type of classes they offer. Right now I have my daughter in a baby gymnastics class. She absolutely loves it. Hope that gives you some options.

Amanda - posted on 04/22/2009




You need to get "The Preschooler's Busy Book" 365 Creative Games & Activities to keep your child busy. By: Trish Kuffner it's $10 and should be available at your local book store! It's got indoor & outdoor activities, games, and crafts!!

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buy some child scissors and start teaching him to cut, playdough, teach letters and let him write them, read books, go to the library they usually have a story time for toddlers

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