I am sure my 6yr old daughter has some kind of mental disorder, I have worked with mental health, her dr. and the school psychiatrist only to come up with either no answers or what I feel are the wrong ones. Her dr. says she refuses to diagnose her, The school psychiatrist diagnosed her with some stupid thing that there is really no help for. The only person who agrees with me that she has ADHD is the schools special ed teacher, and no one else will listen to us. She is in her 2nd year of kindergarden and can barely read, she refuses to sit and listen, she disrupts class several times a day, She gets physical and kicks, hits and sometimes bites people. She also is disruptive on the bus, running around and hitting and spitting. Just before spring break i was informed that she is off the bus well into next year. She was also kicked off last year. Last year she had a personal aid who was great with her and by the end of the year she was doing so good. This year they gave her a new aid, but she is a sour type who never smiles and all but refuses to talk to me. I tried to get her old aid back, but senority trumped that, which i thought was just wrong. I have meet with all these people multiple times, and i feel like i am just beating my head against a wall. Last year i had to take her out of school for over a week just to get a iep meeting, i shouldnt have to tht kind of stuff. She has moments at home, but nowhere like she has at school. And I think she may benefit from being homeschooled. She could have the one on one she deserves nd she could get breaks that she needs. Has anyone else had so much trouble with the school and doctors?


Dove - posted on 03/30/2013




The best person to take her to in order to get a diagnosis is a developmental child psychologist (I believe that's it). Most regular doctors are not qualified to make this type of diagnosis. If the school is giving her an aid and an iep... they are acknowledging that there is an issue, but you need to take her to someone who is actually qualified to give a diagnosis.

Is homeschooling an option for you? If you feel she would benefit more from that... go for it.

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