I am tired of being a mum

Amani - posted on 08/11/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I love my daughter. I adore her but she is driving me nuts. She was a great child but since turning three she has become intolerable. Wilful. I can't even put on her clothes without a struggle even when she wants to go out. We have a power struggle going on about toilet training and I have had it with all the wet pants. I need to get back to work but the stresses of having too work and deal with her fills me with dread. she sticks to me all the time. I can't breath. She keeps coming out of her bed at night to sleep with us. I feel like a lousy mother and I feel like I will lose my mind. Help.


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Mary - posted on 08/11/2013




Oh don't feel bad on your self,I know how you feel right now but very soon you will be out of it dear just believe

Michelle - posted on 08/11/2013




With my 3yo I give her a choice of 2 outfits for the day. That way she feels like she has a say in what she wears but it's not having to go through the whole wardrobe.
In regards to the potty training, having the power struggle is what you don't want. Put her back in nappies/diapers and let her choose when she wants to train. The more fuss you make the worse it will get and you won't achieve anything.
You need to know what battles to pick and what to let go. What she wears is a small battle compered to eating healthy for example.
She also sounds like she has a bit of separation anxiety and probably senses that you are going to be going to work and leaving her. Let her know that you aren't going anywhere. She does need to be in her own bed though. When she gets up, put her back to bed. You may have to sit on the floor until she falls asleep though but with perseverance she will stay there.

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