I am trying to teach my 15 month old child basics and she either runs away, doesn't pay attention, and when I read her the ABC card she just wants to take them and bend them up. I have to constantly keep telling her no and to sit down. It gets very frustrating at times. What should I do?


Jessica - posted on 01/30/2012




My daughter is 3 and she still resists "learning" from flash cards/books etc. But, having said that, she know her colours, can count, and knows the smaller numbers (holds up 3 fingers for 3 etc). Letters are slower, but she definately knows some of them. I'd say don't push her. The other ladies are right that learning is easiest for them when you just incorporate it into your day, and play. We have a "red" truck and a "blue" car and there are 3 birds at the birdfeeder. I am actually surprised at the amount she has learned without any actual "training"! :)


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Kay - posted on 01/30/2012




Let her play, Mom! That is the best way for kids to learn at this age.

We have a couple of things that we do with our fifteen month old...

We play with his stacking cups and say the colors (he seems to like blue best).

We count his blocks when we stick them together.

We sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes--he really likes this! Now if you say, Where is Mommy's nose? he finds it, lol.

We do a lot of naming objects--Look at the truck! Can you say truck?

The most important thing is that it is fun and age appropriate. It is great that you are very involved in your little one's learning--just remember that she is still little and when you are little, it is just so danged hard to focus! ;)

Good luck!

Sarah - posted on 01/30/2012




She's obviously not ready yet for sitting still and "reading" cards. If you want to introduce learning, try making it fun. Sing some songs, do actions, get some toys that sing the alphabet or count, etc. Personally, I think it's a little unrealistic to expect such a small child to be interested in alphabet cards. She wants to play, that's how toddlers learn best, not reading a card.

Gwen - posted on 01/30/2012




At 15 mos. old she doesn't really have the maturity or attention span to sit still and do flashcards. Just integrate the basics into daily life. For example:

1-Driving in the car: "Oh look at the big ORANGE sign!"

2-Eating dinner: "Mommy is giving you 1,2,3 beans...can you say 'THREE'?"

3-Playing with blocks: "Let's build a tower w/ the SQUARE blocks!"

Kids absorb everything around them like a sponge...even when you don't think they are paying attention! :)

Kaitlin - posted on 01/30/2012




She's just a baby, just postpone it. So many parents today want their child to know the most at the earliest age. She's learning everything new everyday- she doesn't need to know 'tricks'. Just play- that is all the learning she needs at this age.

Bonnie - posted on 01/30/2012




I would wait awhile and go back to it. She is still really young. I noticed with my kids, they didn't really have anything interest until more like the age of 2. You can still teach her things through every day play (such as saying, this is the letter A and this ball is the colour green while she is playing), but I wouldn't push it.

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