I am very bad at cooking


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Duse1 - posted on 06/24/2015




I too was very bad at cooking once.. My own Husband asked his mother to please show me,, he thought I could burn water.. My mother in law bless her heart stuck up for me..and told him not to talk that way about his new wife.. and practice was all that I needed. ..
You need to pull out the recipe, follow it to a tea, practice makes perfect.. but you will never truly be perfect.. So just get good at it. or in my case Fare.. take a few classes if you like.. but I learned my the old fashion way.. trial and error and calling my dear Grandmother who was an excellent cook and asking her.. want to know what she told me after a few other things like keep the heat low,, watch you don't scorch it..
She actually told me the same thing I am telling you.. practice practice.. She told me do you think I was born knowing how to cook, no I had to practice and learn.. Good Luck.. I bet you are not as bad as you think.. LOL

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