I am worried sick! (literally).

Jorja Grae - posted on 08/21/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have Generalised Anxiety Disorder so this doesn't help. I've had a bad run with health nurses so i refuse to go to one. I'm a first time mum to an amazing 9mo boy who is not saying mama or dada. Hes just started crawling. I'm pretty sure he is up to date with milestones. He knows his name but doesn't gesture or wave yet. I feel like i'm failing cause it's something i am doing wrong. He spends the whole day saying ahhhhhhh and kkkkkk. He's social and happy etc. Don't want to panic but all i can think of is autism. Am i jumping the gun?


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Michelle - posted on 08/21/2012




All babies are different and will do things in their own time. Please stop worrying about what he isn't doing and concentrate on what he is doing. I found my boys were slower at talking than my girl, but I guess us women are known for talking so I think it's preprogrammed :-)

Firebird - posted on 08/21/2012




You're seriously thinking of Autism just because your 9 month old doesn't say mama, dada, and doesn't wave yet? Yeah, you're jumping the gun. By almost a year. Relax.

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