I became a mother at 16 years old. My son Frankie was born on May 18 of 08 and he was my purpose of doing so much better for myself. I ended up graduating high school and got a job at the bank. Everything i was doing I was doing for him...while everything was going great lasy year in August of 2012 my son passed away at 4 years old. He drowned while with his dads family. My life since then has been a downfall and I dont know where to start.Ive turned to God but its not enough this pain just at 21 is horrible, I die a million times every morning I dont know what to d, Im so used to taking care of my baby and having responsibilites...Im lost.


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Sandra - posted on 06/03/2013




Dear Mona: I think this would be one of the worst things to go through as a parent, as we question why. While religion seems to have some suggestions it is through this pain that you will really discover the deeper reason why you are on this earth..uncovering your own spirituality. I don't believe that God takes us out, as much as God plants us here, in his garden. Perhaps we are here to discover what his intention is for us. Death is so mysterious and to try and explain the death of a four year old makes no sense. What if before your son came to earth he choose you for a mother, and for four short years he had the opportunity to learn so much from you, and I believe probably, you from him. He would want you to go forward in life and spread your message of love, spread the seeds of love that your son taught you. Make his life count, as you spread his goodness through out your life and this world. You had the great blessing to have him for four wonderful years, and despite your young age he taught you so much. My prayers are with you, as you struggle to move forward as it seems easier to stay stuck, but you were a terrific mother and you will be again some day, of that I am sure. Look for your son in an activity that can distract you a bit and remember no one expects you to be "healed instantly". Don't however, let your son down by giving up, he chose you as a mother because you are a fighter, a strong character, with potential to do great things in the world. Keep on that path as your son will want to see you again, and not the mother who gives up on life because of what she lost, but the mom that struggled on because of what she had. You can do this. Reach out and know that while people may not understand your pain, that can feel it, even threw your written word. Complete strangers want you to go on. Live-because you can. Love again because you can. Grow because you can. You are made of Love and you will continue to stand strong by the power of Love. May God Bless you Mona, with healing and the light to see the difference that you can make in the world with your story.
Love & Light to you

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 06/03/2013





I have no practical advice...

I do have {{HUGS}}, love, and prayers for you, honey. I am so, so sorry for your loss!

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