I believe my 14 yr old daughter has a form of aspergers.

Jeanne - posted on 03/15/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




I don't know what to do, my 14 yr old daughter, whom I believe, may have Asperger's. I guess it has been even more noticeable, since her dad, my husband, was killed in the line of duty on, May 1, 2013, at the time she was 11 and was due to turn 12 just 3 short mths later. I can really begin to see the difference in her social skills even. her lack of communication often remains difficult. I thought I was doin the right thing by letting her have "her time to grieve", just as I need mine. However, she did not even cry until almost a year later regarding her daddy's death. now I feel I made it worse and in such a critical time in her live, leaving elementary, merging into middle school, hormones, etc... I have been reading so much about it.. She is EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT, BEYOND WORDS, t
all of her 8th grade teachers tells me she far surpasses the level if intelligence of college student and that she is "bored" in their classes and they don't know what to do. they asked me what should they do??? How in the world would I know. she spends A LOT of time on the iPad, laptop and/or iPhone reading, YouTube videos of anamie videos or blogs about mine craft etc.... she draws NON-STOP and is an amazing artist... WOW!! I was blown away as are her teachers with her creative artistic talents... I am desperate for advise and knowledge on all of this. She has a "picking at her face" habit as well as other (disturbing to others) issues with carrying on or attempting to carry on a social conversation with others..
I don't know... I hope I didn't hurt her feeling as I never understood what it even was until her counselor ended up explaining the situation ...;(


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I agree with Evelyn... an evaluation would help to clarify things for you. If it is Asperger's, she can be taught/coached with the social skills and how to better communicate her feelings. Picking at her face may be an anxiety-driven habit...perhaps in the evaluation, the psychologist could also get a sense of how she is doing emotionally, both with the grief and any possible anxiety. She is at a critical age when social relationships are so prominent... it would be great if she could get some help with her social skills and find some peers to relate to. Maybe if she could be part of some kind of art club, or take an extra art class where she could build some relationships with people who share that interest. Just a thought. Its too easy for kids to isolate with the electronics... find ways to get her out there and involved.

Also, the school should be coming up with their own resources in trying to meet her needs! Has she had an educational evaluation to determine what grade level she is functioning on? If she is identified as gifted, does your school have any additional programs that she can be part of, or a gifted teacher that can offer ways for her to enhance what she is getting in the classroom? If that has never been done, it may be worth your while to ask the school to do some academic testing with her. Good luck with everything... keep advocating for her and see what you can find that will best help her.


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Condolences for your loss & thank you for your husband's service.

Sounds like an evaluation for your daughter is in order here.

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