I believe my child has encopresis.

Erica - posted on 07/03/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Since my daughter was about 2 she has had stomach issues. Intense cramps would make her whole body stiffen out and she would scream. After about an hour she would take a massive poop. It obviously hurt so bad, and she would be covered in sweat when she was done. She would also poop on herself a little and she would get really upset and say she didn't know she had to poop and didn't know she had done it.
We had taken her to the doctor before and they had suspected a gluten intolerance. Putting her on a gluten-free diet appeared to help for a while, but she would still occasionally have issues.
She recently started pooping on herself a little. I googled it this time and found a new site that I hadn't seen last time I googled the issue. A pediatrician had posted that it's called encopresis. He said it was very common and is caused by normal kid constipation, but causes impacting of the stool, which causes the cramps and the soft stool that encases the mass leaks a little causing her to poop on herself without her knowing.
It seems to be a simple fix. An wanna or suppository to clean her out and then a daily dose of laxative for a week or two and increasing her water and fiber.
I just wondered if anyone else has a kid with this? Is it really this simple of a fix? I really plan on talking to her doctor but they haven't been much help this far.

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