I breastfeed is it okay to take Hydroxycut & SlimFast?

Joanna - posted on 06/04/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




Is it okay to take Hydroxycut and Slimfast while breastfeeding? Thanks any info will help!

Also These won't lower my milk supply will they?


~♥Little Miss - posted on 06/05/2010




What are you joking me???? Does your perfect little baby need to be on a diet? Try eating lots of fruits and veggies...whole grains like Go Lean Kashi with a banana in it...yogurt... if you eat chicken have it on a salad...you shouldn't be putting that shit into your OWN body..let alone your childs. If you need to lose weight that desperately go talk to a nutritionalist or your general practictioner....or if you are going to insist on using that crap...STOP BREASTFEEDING! You have no idea the effects it may have on your child.

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Krista - posted on 06/05/2010




The rule of thumb that the others mentioned is a good one: if you wouldn't feed it directly to your baby, then you shouldn't be eating it either. I can sympathize with wanting to lose post-baby weight, but while you're still nursing, you should really just be eating a healthful, balanced diet, consuming about 500 calories above your pre-pregnancy needs. Whatever you do, do not cut calories below that, as it will hurt your milk supply.

Just eat healthfully, stay active, and the weight will come off. It'll be more slow than by using that fad crap, but it's a lot more likely to stay off, and you won't be potentially damaging your health and your baby's health.

Sarah - posted on 06/05/2010




i agree with amanda if you wouldn't feed it to your baby don't drink or eat it while you are breastfeeding! my doctor said any of those pills to take to lose weight haven't been tested and you don't know what the long term effects of taking them might have! i would def not take them while breastfeeding... why rick your child's health just so you can lose some weight?

Geralyn - posted on 06/05/2010




I wouldn't take those things - it is not worth any risk to the baby. Hydroxycut isn't even approved by the FDA, is it? Everything we ingest is passed through our milk.... I wouldn't even think about dieting - other than, like Amanda said, eating healthy and walking/exercising. While we would all love to lose the baby weight, this is not the time for diet fads...

Amanda - posted on 06/04/2010




You shouldnt eat or drink anything you wouldnt want the baby to eat or drink. Dieting while breastfeeding is not recommended.

The best way to lose weight is to eat healthy, and get your body moving, breastfeeding or not. Dont try these get skinny fast foods, or diets, work hard and do weight lost the right way, or you will more then likely gain the weight back.

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