I can't find the right type of formula to stop throw up and constepation?


Neva - posted on 07/28/2010




A lot of babies spit up. This has nothing to do with the formula. There is a muscular sphincter at the top of the stomach that opens to allow food in and then closes to keep it in the stomach. Babies don't have very good muscle tone, and a lot of times the sphincter opens and lets formula back up the path of least resistence. If the baby is not crying with feeds or arching her back when feeding, and is gaining weight, then there is nothing to worry about. Just carry a "spit rag" with you. This usually stops once baby is crawling, sitting and pulling up to a stand as the muscle tone develops then. A lot of people think their baby is constipated also when they are really not because babies will often strain, turn red in the face and even cry when having a BM. This, too, is related to poor muscle tone, and the fact that baby is lying down while having a BM most of the time, so gravity is working against them, too. Not all babies have a BM every day. This, too, can be normal. As long as the actual stool is not hard, dry little pellets, then it is not constipation. I would suggest that you discuss this with your baby's health care provider. If the vomiting is serious, there are things that can be done and also if it is truly constipation. However, I wouldn't mess with formula or other remedies unless advised by your healthcare provider.

Belinda - posted on 07/29/2010




You need to see a paediatrician. We had the same problem and as it tuns out shes intolerant to dairy and soy. The dr has put us on Neocate which has none of either and so far she seems to be tolerating it well. However things seem to work well for her for a week or two and then things go backwards again so if we run into problems with this Im thinking its something other than the formula. A normal GP wont be able to help you with this you need a referal. Too much throwing up burns their lil esofogus or however you spell it disrupting everything. My lil girl hasnt eaten solids in a month because her throat is so red raw. She has also developed an anal fissure from being so constipated so you see its important you go straight to a proffessional

Lacey - posted on 07/21/2010




Have you tried goats milk or a differant cows milk protien? Differnant breeds of cows produce differant protiens in their milk - many tots are allergic to them - find a jersery cow formula maybe. For constipation I used "canned pear juice" diluted, just a little because it contains lots of fibre.


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Melissa - posted on 07/29/2010




Danielle have you tried just the regular nestle good start? I had my son on enfamil and he didnt tolerate it at all.made him VERY constipated. I was reccomended by my public health nurse to try nestle good start. I put him on it and within a week he was able to poop again and he wasnt gassy at all. Good start was a miracle for him!!!

Stephanie - posted on 07/28/2010




I had the same problem and I put my daughter on Enfamil Thickened A+ for her formula, and I give her a 2 oz bottle of Heinz Pear juice each afternoon. So far no problems. Here is the website that tells you exactly what this formula will do ! good luck !

Amy - posted on 07/27/2010




my son had problems with gas, but didnt really throw up much; I used enfamil gentle ease it worked really well for him within the first 48 hrs i could see a difference, enfamil also makes a lipil AR? thats suppose to help with thrownin up naybe try that or a soybased formula maybe milk is to hard on your baby's digestive system?

Nicole - posted on 07/26/2010




nutramigen is by the makers of enfamil formulas my kids had problems with formulas also and the one i found that worked wonders for my kids was alimentum by similiac yes its expensive like nutramigen but it worked i had to put 4 kids on it cuz they all had problems on the others enfamil ,soy so the dr put on alimentum and they were fine and no more problems with vomiting or poop

[deleted account]

My daughter had a big problem with formula as well and we found that NUTRAMIGEN ( cant remember who makes it) but that wroked wonderfully. It has a big orange label that all I know..lol... It is extremely expensive $25 a can vs. $12 but it worked and at 6 months we re evaluated her and put her back on Nestle Good Start and she was fine. I dont know where you live and if they have WIC there which is a program that helps you buy formula ect. but you need a doctors percription to change formulas. As far as constipation we used like a few teaspoons of prune juice mixed in her bottle, try a couple times a day at first but we ended up having to do it every other bottle but check with your ped. on the gae for that. Ocean was young when our ped. said it was fine just in very small amounts but it worked. We cut it down when we saw she was having too runny a poop but it sure did soften her stool=) Good luck!!

Carol - posted on 07/24/2010




I would check with her doctor.I had this problem.He finially put her on Soy milk.Was the only thing she could take.Hope this helps a little.

[deleted account]

Oh yes Similac Sensitive & Similac Sensitive RS (this one has a bit of rice cereal in it) did WONDERS for my baby who has been on it for 7 months now. This formula has the lactose removed from it & she was lactose intolerant.

For the constipation I give her a teaspoon or two of powdered Benefiber every day, and it is smooth moves. I have done this for both of my children with the okay of my doctor.

Really give the Similac Sensitive a try, it took about 2 days for us but the results were amazing. My baby girl was vomiting after every bottle & it stopped 100% on this formula. You also might want to cut back the # of ounces your feeding the baby & just feed them more often to make sure they aren't too full.

Best of luck.

Jennifer - posted on 07/22/2010




Similac Sensitive helped my daughter with constipation but not throwing up.

Tanya - posted on 07/22/2010




If the formlula has iron?
Try putting them on formula without iron!!
Not all babies need iron,it is very constipating!
This happened to my son and my neice as well!!
Hope this helps some?:)

Renae - posted on 07/21/2010




Maternity hospitals in our state use Nan HR1 with premmie babies and babies with gut issues. Maybe try that?

Louise - posted on 07/20/2010




Have you asked a health visitor for help. There are many brands out there that say they are designed for the delicate stomach. I used cow and gate comfort that is a heavier milk designed to stay in the stomach longer. If your little one is throwing up all the time then it is a good idea to get him checked by a doctor he may have reflux which is easily treated with Gaviscon powder which can be put in his milk. This made a huge difference to my daughter. As for the constipation give your little one 100% pure apple watered down with cooled boiled water about 1 part apple juice to 4 partd water. Babies love the taste and it works within 12 hours.Just don't give him to much until you know how he is going to react.

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