i can't get my 2 year old to stop swearing. any suggestions?

Brianne - posted on 04/30/2010 ( 15 moms have responded )




my 2 year old has picked up quite a few swear words. i try and watch what i say the best i can around him but i can't really control what other people say. i have tried differentthings and none have worked. any suggestions? please. i could really use it. he's starting to understand how to use different words. he dropped his cup and out his mouth come the f word just like most people wold use if they dropped somethin


Angie - posted on 05/01/2010




First, stop swearing around him and ask others who are around him a lot to do the same. I will tell ANYONE to please watch their language when they are around me or my children - even in a public place. I can't stand swearing and even though everyone at my work swears, they have enough respect for me not to do it when I'm around. Then, don't make a big deal out of it when he swears. If he doesn't get a reaction, he'll stop.

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You most certainly can control what other people say around him. Explain to them that you don't want your child exposed to that type of language, and not to use it around him. If they still do, stop bringing him around them. If they are close relations they will most def. get the point after that if they want to see him again. I def. would not punish him for this considering that he is just doing what he believes is acceptable, after all other's around him are doing it. I would sit him down right when he says the word and tell him NO, and explain to him why it is wrong for him as well as for (insert name of person or persons cursing around him). Children understand a lot more than they are able to communicate. I would also go on to apologize to him for the fact that he ever heard such language, and explain to him that he is better than that kind of language and that big boys don't say nasty words like that.

Kristin - posted on 05/02/2010




Talk with the people you know about what they are saying in front of him. With kids under 2, it's best to just ignore it or give them a different word to use. Something funny usually will get them off the curse word. With a child over 2, do the above and use a time out. If anyone laughs or giggles or even smiles when the naughty word is said, then nothing you do will work. So, that information will also need to be passed along to the people you know.

I guess this won't work for everyone, but it did with both of my boys. I can honestly say that my language for the most part has gotten very colorful in a clean way.

Lyn - posted on 05/02/2010




If he swears just walk away and ignore it. Make sure everyone in your circle is doing the same thing because if just one person in the circle reacts then it won't work.

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My mother in law said she would make my husband change the sheets with her every time he said "shit". and said " oh you want to change the sheets?" eventually she said he thought it wasn't very fun changing the sheets and stopped saying it.

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Try not to swear. Try not to be around people who DO swear. And .. when your child does say words like this, as she/he will invariably hear it somewhere and want to try it out - ignore it. Totally and utterly. Keep drawing attention to it just makes it so much more exciting and fun.

Hot sauce damages children's mouths - causes blisters and burning. It can also damage permanently their oesophagus and stomach lining. Both soap [that froths and chokes and kills children every year - especially the liquid kind] and hot sauce are chemical warfare and dangerous and should never be used on a child. The fact you 'only use a drop' is not the point - it's dangerous ... Usually a child will stop using bad words when you stop reacting to it.

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I would say the best thing to do is Ignore it. I took Early Childhood Care and Education and one of my professors said she has seen parents struggle time and time again with the swearing..and the ones who ignored it..got the best results!!!. .
As for the people who said to tell the random people in public to stop swearing.. IN PUBLIC . its not your place to tell strangers how to talk.. . your friends n family..of course u can ask of them and they should show you the respect. . but strangers come on now! And sometimes swears come out of our mouth's with out thinking about it, or whose little ears are listening.
Neways..Good luck and hope he uses truck or duck instead of F hehehe ♥

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my son picked up an ugly word a little over a month ago. whenever he would say it my husband and I would ignore it or respond with "I don't understand what you are saying, that is not a word" "Are you trying to say (insert rhyming word)?" At first it didn't seem to be working but slowly the word dwindled away and I haven't heard it in a couple of weeks. One time my husband calmly responded and said "That is not a nice word and I don't want you to use it" Not sure which thing worked for us or if it was a combo but luckily it did work. As for preventing him from hearing swear words, of course you can tell family and friends to keep it clean, but it is not always preventable if you ever want to take your kid in public. I can turn around and ask a stranger in line or at a restaurant to please refrain but if they have already said it it is too late anyway. And there are people out there that would more than likely turn it into an even uglier altercation that I definitely would never want my son to see.

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Ignore it because any attention you give it will reinforce it and he'll keep saying them to get a reaction. Also, MAKE people stop searing around him, and if they don't/won't then don't bring him around them. That's just disrespectful if they can't make themselves stop swearing around a 2 year old. It will be hard to get him to stop when he hears adults saying the same words.

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Ignore it, the more attention you give to it, the more he is going to say it. Trust me. Been there.

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"out his mouth come the f word just like most people wold use if they dropped somethin"

mmmmmm not sure this is true.....we don't swear in our family, and don't have friends who swear as part of their everyday language.
Children will use language they are hearing (my son lost his hearing and lost his speech around this age) so if you and others around him aren't swearing then he won't either....tis really that simple!

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Have you tried to change the swear word into another word after they have said it.Such as fishy instead of f***.If you make the word out to be worse or sound worse,or even funny then they may change the swear word for it.It may take some perserverance but it worked on a freinds child that did the same thing.

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dont respond to the words, if you make a big deal out of it, he will reconise it for the reaction he got and do it for the reaction.

You can control what your children are around and if freinds/family don't stop swearing around them then don't be around them.

Morgan - posted on 04/30/2010




I would time him out,
every time he says a bad word take him to his room and tell him sternly NO we dont say naughty words, I saw this same problem on a show called house of tiny terrors, thats what they did it took a few days of time outs like 20 times a day but he got the point :)
Good luck!!

Melanie - posted on 04/30/2010




The best advice i can give is to ignore him. Kids will swear more if they think they are getting attention from it. Even though it's negative attention it's still attention. I would simply walk away from him when he swears. Hope this helps x

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