I can't get my daughter to where a bra


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Raye - posted on 03/11/2015




If she doesn't want to wear a bra, make sure she's wearing tank tops or something under her shirts so her nipples aren't poking out. Many tank tops have a built-in extra layer in that area to assist with that sort of thing. Tell her that she will have to transition to wearing a bra sooner or later, so she might as well start getting used to it now.

Abby - posted on 03/11/2015




She need to wear a bra if her chest is clearly noticeable. It's for her protection from the guys at an early age and also teasing at school. Get her training bras and make sure she wears it. I would contact the school as well and let the teacher know if she's not wearing one to call you. It's important

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