I can't stand my best friends children help!

Katherine - posted on 07/26/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Well, my best friend has 2 boys under the age of five. I understand children are never perfect and are often energetic, defiant and such. But the problem is she NEVER disciplines them! I was in the hospital with my newborn baby and she brought in her unvaccinated child into the nursery (which is against hospital policy, and I personally do not want them around my child until she has had her shots shes just 1 month old now!) and her older child is somewhat respectful and listened to me when I politely asked him to not run around and not touch the machines. But she babies her 2 year old too much and he was running around like a crazy person, pulled on the cords attached to my child's chest, tried to take her pacifier out if her mouth, tried to crawl in her crib just crazy things! She would move everything in my room because he had to get into everything. The sad thing is I never heard her once tell him no, tell him not to do that, tell him to sit down nothing. She just grabbed him and put him down and he would just take off and go crazy again . my mom who was also there told him in a stern voice "no! You don't play with this stuff its not toys, please go sit with your mom!" And she would say "oh he's just interested in it" but who cares he's being bad, so tell him! Another thing that shocked me was he kept on going in the bathroom and grabbing my toiletries, so the older child went in after him telling him no you can't go in there , and she goes in twisted the older ones ear and just carried the two year old out!!! He wasnt being bad, so I told him good job hunny, your good at teaching your little brother. He's 2 he does not talk he just grunts, and she never makes him ask she just does what he grunts for. She still breastfeeds, which I guess is up to you when you stop but it seemds like she does it just to make him stop going nuts for 5 minutes. I don't know what to do, I kind of want to distance myself from them because the way I was raised and plan to raise my daughter is completely different! We got in trouble, we were told not to do things when we did bad things, we got time outs, if my mom said if you don't stop we're going home, and we didn't stop she dropped everything and we went home! She's just full of empty threats and says no once or twice then just gives up. She also knows how misbehsvef he is so I thought it was rude of her to bring them in to see my newborn amd myself. I was very stressed as I've been in the hospital with my girl for a month and two days because she is sick., and putting up with that kid just drove my crazy! I think our friendship is going to go down the drain if I tell her what I think because she thinks her kids are perfect little angels and thinks they are "advanced" (her 4 year old can vary talk, I think he may have hearing difficulties, but she refuses to get him checked because she was thinking I was saying he was dumb!!! It's just hurting him for her to not chd k it out, that's usually the most common problem when a 4 year old barely talks or gas a speech impediment.) Someone tell me I'm not just being a judgemental jerk, at my baby shower I had about 14 ppl and they all ran wndb they saw those kids coming their way. I also don't want them to ever hurt my baby, intentionally or not. What is your opinion??


MaryAnn - posted on 07/26/2015




If her children do not respect you, your space, your things or your daughter, and she doesnt demand it of them- simple. They are not welcome in your space.
You do not need to have both families involved in your friendship. It may make your relationship scarce, but please protect yourself and your daughter. If your friend can not respect your boundaries, she is not really a friend.
When we have children, our boundaries need to change... and the hardest part of that transition is the realization of who is in your life for convenience... and who really respects you. Its growing pains, and sometimes, it hurts.

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