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My name is Ellen, better known as Chef Ellen. I live in Palm Beach Gardens Florida and I am here to help those mom's out there to learn how to cook a wonderful health meal, on a budget, that won't take up too much time, that your kids will actually like! Let's keep in touch!!!


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Ellen - posted on 06/14/2015




Hay Louise,
it seems you have lot going on here, working full time, kids not eating correctly...YIKES GIRL!
I am a bit ADD as well HOWEVER I eat correctly and that should be for ALL HUMANS. I know in some cases that the money is just not there to get the quality food we all need and that makes me NUTS! I am going to have to do a search and see why it is your little one won't eat "grown up food". At that age grown up food should be in the diet. And all that formula is not working, the waking up in the middle of the night at that age means the child is HUNGRY...! So for now I say do a trial and error see what is going to work, hay it may even be cream of wheat. As far as giving the baby more then 12 oz of formula, is it too much is it too little, I can not honestly answer that, HOWEVER if she/he is puking it up..well one would venture to guess it isn't doing the trick.

I would try to ask the the doctor and see what they have to say . There could also be food allergies but I am not an Doctor so it is hard for me to guess as to what the issue may be.

A good way to get a bit of vegie try this....make Shepard's pie and hide the veg in the meat part and load the top with mashed potatoes...BOOM....DONE...DALISH! Make sure to cut the veg very small, use celery, carrots, peas, corn, what ever is colorful and easy to use.

ALSO with the older kids get them involved in making the food....make is a fun time for them.

Ok so that is all I have for the moment. You know to get with me:-)

Hpoe I helped a bit


Louise - posted on 06/13/2015




What would you recommend to cook for 6 and 7 year old kids that love to chew
on MEAT that IS soft, like hamburg meat, very well cooked chicken, turkey,
and fish (if it isn't fishy tasting If you know what I mean).

The kids don't like to eat veggies too much either, much to my chagrin, but they love to eat fruits, which is very good. They are very thin kids and very active, almost to the point of being super active.

We've never had them tested or evaluated for ADD, but I think our oldest son might have this disorder. He doesn't pay attention in school and he is disruptive in class. I keep thinking that perhaps if my kids got nutritious meals more regularly it might help with their concentration at school and otherwise in general. In fact I know it would definitely help. However, unfortunately, I'm not at home to cook the meals. I leave early in the morning
to go to my job and come home past 6:00 P.M. most days. My husband is the main care giver. We have three kids, two are very close in age.

I also have a 16 month old daughter who loves her baby food, however, she throws up when we give her grown up people food. The doctor told us to start introducing her to
eating some of 'our food', but I think that's not a good idea at this stage of her life,
but my husband strongly disagrees with me, he says he gives her grown up food
when I'm not home, then he complains that she throws up a lot too. DUH! ~

I have a question to ask you. Is it true that if you give a 16 months old child more
than 12 ounces of formula milk a day, that this child will throw up anyway? I believe in giving her move formula milk than grown up food. We still buy her baby food and baby cereal, which she loves along with Farleys Breakfast biscuits. During the day, when I'm at work, my husband gives our baby diluted orange juice and water. She only gets about 3 ounces of milk when he puts her down for an afternoon nap. Other than that she gets about 6 ounces of baby formula again when she goes to bed for the night. Often times
she wakes up around midnight and I give her another 2 to 3 ounces of formula milk again. It works out to approximately 12 ounces of milk in a 24 hour period. Is that too much or not enough milk for her age. Given that she had problems with her bones, I think she should be drinking more milk that she is given right now.

My husband believes that if our daughter drinks too much milk, instead of eating people food, he says, she throws up.

The only time I've seen her throw up is when my husband insists on feeding her what the rest of the family eats for meals. Most of the time our food is too rich for her, I think, because it's prepared with either oil, or butter and it usually has salt, and pepper in the food, along with food that contains mayonnaise, mustard, salsa, sauces, spices.

It's a never ending battle at home with respect to my NOT wanting our daughter to eat our grown up food, because it's too spicy and TOO rich for her small digestive system and (my husband wanting her to grow up too fast) by feeding her food like Lasagne, Pizzas, Wraps, french fries, hamburgers, etc.

Our daughter only has a few bottom teeth and two small upper teeth.
She can't chew that well yet. Who's right and who's wrong?

I know we should be introducing her to eat some of OUR food, but that means making sure that she is not exposed to greasy, rich foods, and that presents a problem, as my husband is the STAY AT HOME DAD, AND I'M THE ONE GOING OUT TO WORK EVERY DAY. By the time I get home, I'm exhausted. I also work one every weekend, except Sundays.

My husband has a home based business. He is the main cook for the kids.
By the time I get home from work which is sometimes late, like 7 or 8 P.M. he has already given the kids frozen TV dinners, or given them, sandwiches or Kraft dinner.
He doesn't go out of his way to cook healthy meals too much. He gives them
a lot of white bread, hot dogs, and food that is quick to make.

I don't complain because it only starts a fight which sometimes carries over to the next few days.

My husband is very stressed out and he finds he is always tired. We can't afford to send our daughter to day care. We have two other kids in school all day, so he's basically is alone all day with our daughter, until the other two get home from school after 3:00 P.M..

My husband loves his kids and is a good dad ~ I think It's just NOT in a man's nature to be as nurturing to kids as it is for a MOM

If you have a few recipes that you can pass on, I would be very appreciative. I'd like to see if my husband would be interested in trying to prepare some of YOUR healthy QUICK AND EASY TASTING RECIPES.

Thank you so much for your help and understanding.
I welcome your Comments.

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