I cant decide, Mirena or Regular IUD????!!!! HELP!

Amber - posted on 09/19/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I talked to my doctor, he says the Mirena makes you hungry and I want every bit of weight off that I gained in my pregnancy (55 pounds), and if I am hungry, that's not gonna happen. But just how hungry does it make you??? I gained so much weight while pregnant because PREGNANCY makes you hungry!
Regular IUD my doctor says is doesn't make you hungry, but it makes periods heavier. I haven't had periods for a few years. (yes I got pregnant with no period, luckily I was still ovulating!).. Help me decide please! Tell me your stories! Thank you!!


Jennifer - posted on 09/19/2010




i have the mirena and haven't noticed any change in appetite. i was told that the hormones in mirena stay more contained within the uterus compared to the pill.
the copper IUD doesn't make all womens periods heavier, its just an unlucky few. for most women, you just continue to get your regular monthly cycle whereas with mirena, your periods are likely to go away comepletely, or get lighter.

Morgan - posted on 09/19/2010




I had the Mirena for 5 years and loved it, It did not make me anymore hungry than I would have been :)
I never had a period with mine, just light spotting after I had it inserted.

Amy - posted on 09/19/2010




I have the mirena and love not having periods, I'm also breastfeeding so that is contributing to the fact that I have nothing. When I used it before I still had a period but it was really light and only lasted a couple days. As far as eating I don't know if it makes me eat more, but I've had trouble losing the weight from my pregnancy. I've started dieting or really watching what I eat, when I snack I eat veggie sticks or plain popcorn. Really I am following weight watchers without actually doing weight watchers, I used it after my first son and had great success with it, and so far I'm gradually losing again. If you want to lose the weight your going to have to make smart snacking decisions, watch portions, and excercise. Unfortunately for me the weight from my pregnancy doesn't just disappear I have to work at it, even though before pregnancy I was thin. Good luck with your decision!

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Helen - posted on 04/13/2011




as I have a high cholestorol and weight problem (2 pregnancies didn't help!) so the mirena isn't suitable for me anymore but I have had the mirena in the past as well as a regular IUD and if I had the choice now I would stick to the regular IUD. With Mirena I would get really heavy bleeds every 3 - 4 months and I did gain weight - don't forget that as well as acting like a regular IUD, the Mirena releases hormones into the body too

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