I cant figure out if i have nipple thrush, eczema or bacterial infection. Anyone experienced this?

Rebeca - posted on 08/29/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi there,

Baby was born 6 weeks ago and the first latch was screwed up by the hospital staff so it left my nipples purple, bruised, bleeding and cracked. From this it was all downhill. I had to express for a few days because it hurt too much from having her suckle. Then the nipples healed but the pain continued to be horrendous causing me to cry through feeds and not wanting to feed her. The pain would be radiating and felt like a dragging pain each time she sucked. The midwife thought it was thrush so we treated the nipples with pumifucort.

Pain didn't go so she took a swab which showed staph. I was put on antibiotics and then baby got thrush in her mouth so we treated me and her again for that. I also developed Reynolds from the bad latching and my breasts would ache for about an hour after a feed, worse in the night feeds. Woolen breast pads, massage and heat packs helped to ease the pain.

After consulting the Lactation consultant we found out baby had posterior tongue tie and a thickened frenulum. So we had that fixed with a laser (Alpers Dental was the cheapest and sooooo nice!!!!)

Now the pain is much improved from all the treatments and latching help from the lactation consultant. I have also been taking zinc, vit b6, probiotics, coconut oil to the nipples and cleaning them with white vinegar and water combo though now I just use hot water.

However the problem now is that Im not sure the thrush is completely gone and an eczema type looking rash is covering my areola. It feels like sandpaper after a feed. Im now using a combo of thrush ointment, coconut oil and lansinoh but Im not sure if its thrush or eczema. Still waiting on swab results

Anyone ever experienced anything like this? Its been a NIGHTMARE!!!


Gale - posted on 08/29/2012




Yes and i went back to the doctor, only they will know what it really is by looking at it then random women on line who can't really see what it looks like.

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