I cant get my 2 yr old to stop hitting

Sarah - posted on 10/04/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a daughter who will be two Oct 30. For the last month or two she has been making a hitting gesture with her hands when you try and tell her not to do something. Or say anything to her she doesn't like. Every once in awhile she would actually hit you. We always put her in time out. Make sure she knows what she did and make her hug and say sorry. She also does this at school with her teacher. But she keeps doing it every day all day long it seems. I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks.


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Can you try a reward system? If you see her contain herself...give her a yummy treat. Tell her how proud you are!

If you see her strike another child...the OTHER child gets the treat...in front of her..and she gets nothing. I would follow through with parents and siblings getting the treat too.

I don't think she's running around trying to beat up the world..I think she's barely 2 and hasn't figured out how to express herself. As she learns more words she should stop this.

My son would cry and scream until he got what he wanted..until we put a stop to it. His Dad and his Uncle Alan would step in and use that deep voice, "HEY. We don't act like that."

He changed tactics when he learned that the men in his world didn't approve. He started being SILENT...but still flapping those hands around like "gimme gimme gimme"

I started not responding. I would stand there as his fit started and drop all expression from my face, cross my arms and shake my head no. I would stand there like a robot shaking my head no until he decided to try another tactic. As soon as his hand-flapping would stop, I would switch right out of shaking my head no and respond appropriately. (usually redirection)

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