i cant get over my babydaddy . why do u think that is . and can you help me

Keishanecole - posted on 05/13/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




hello everyone i am a new mother to a beautiful babygirl
i am having a problem . shes 7 months now and her dad and i cant seem to get along . him and i where okay before we became physical . we dated well where haveing sexual encounters for about 6 months we had been on and off . we never titled out relationship because at the time we where so into just chilling .when i found out i was pregnant he didnt want anything to do with my daughter and i . i kept texting him asking if he would be in her life .all i got was bitch leave me alone and that i was on my own when it came to my daughter . but when i was about 3 months he came around and we ended up trying to work things out . things where good . we even had sex while i was pregnant but when i hit 6 months prego sex died down . i thought it was cause i was pregnant . so we ended up getting into it on and off when i was about 7 monthes pregnant we stop tLking because he had told me that he had a baby on the way but before he told me i found out i wsnt to middle school with the girl . when he told me we hadnt spoken since the day i was n labor . i let him be there thru it all ws even laughered . evdn got bord as fuck . then whn she arrived nd he left the hospital he asked me can we start over . i said ill think about it . and i did .. things where ok until it really hit me when i saw a photo of his other bby . we had broke up all because i quoted a beyonce song . ur mine ... that was feb 2014 . since then i havent been able to get over him . sometimes i want to cuss him out . but then all i want is his love . but i already know . itll never happen . all i wanted was co parenting . i wont lie sometimez i say fucked up shit like my babys not coming over and i call him her donor .. and tell him hes my biggest regret . ik im messed up . but all i want is a apology thTs it and for us to be friend . and he doesnt want it . he mKez me feel like the bad person . Nd i hate that i feel this way still ... wht can i do ... please help me

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