I cant stop thinking i'm a bad mum!!

Louise - posted on 05/28/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




words cant express the love i have for my 7month old baby girl!! shes the most amazing thing to have ever happened to me, with these big blue and this wonderful big smile! Shes perfect!! but when she cries for no obvious reason or when I need to finish something else first but she demands my attention I can I sometimes (not all the time) get quickly frustrated. This shows in my abruptness to pick her up or put her down (I have never and will never hurt her) or in my body language that shows her I'm annoyed! and although I've never yelled or shouted at her sometimes my voice can be firm and frustrated as if I'm telling her off and not the calming motherly tone she needs whens shes crying! She's only a baby what am I doing!! I don't' do it all the time but started when she was little during those long breast feeding nights but now I am beginning to do this more regularly and it worries me terribly!! but if it worries me why do I keep doing it?! I feel terrible after and cuddle her and kiss her promising ill do better and will never get annoyed at her again but then I do!! Please help as I feel I'm such a bad mum and doing a bad job and just want whats best for her! I need to change as I don't want her to be brought up with an easily frustrated and stressed mum. she's my life and I just want whats best for her but right now I know I'm not giving that to her!


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I believe every mother gets that way but won't harm their child and is beyond grateful to have that little child in their life but just gets frustrating at times c you get annoyed. Depending on your circumstances at home life if your a single mom that can happen because there really isn't anyone to help you. If your child isn't breast feeding any more take time for yourself by inviting a friend or family just to watch your child for a couple of hours so you can take a break and just relax or take a nap...do something for yourself so your mind can just be at ease.
If your child has already have a clean diaper and is fed and so in an she keeps crying for no reason let her. All babies cry and its healthy for them to cry. You dot need to coddle them and give attention 24/7 and needs to learn that mommy needs to do stuff and baby needs alone time/quiet time. If you have an area for your child while your still around lay them down and just allow her to cry it out. Put music on if the crying gets too much and do what you need to do for yourself/home. She will eventually calm down and go to sleep. If te crying persist to get worse seek attention from your doctor she could be colic and that's where your gonna have to have someone help you because it's a constant discomfort for a child and the crying wont stop my second child was colic and he was constantly crying at night which I never got really any sleep until morning came. And at times I had to lay him down and just walk away because I got frustrated and started to cry because he wasn't calming down and I felt like a horrible mother to him. I hope this kinda helps and know your not alone about feeling that way, just find tricks to get yourself calm even if you have to lay her down and walk away for a bit. Call someone to help you even if its for a visit. :)

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