I cant take it anymore!

Maira - posted on 08/19/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am 22 yrs old single mom with a 4 yr old daughter who is about to start pre k, im currently still living with my parents traditional Hispanic house hold.My daughters dad does not help at all and I am pretty much alone, I have been wanting to move out since my daughter was about 2 my mom and I just do not get along she does not let me parent my kid (when I say no, she says yes) my dad used to get in the middle but now after so much he doesn't even get involved as much, im also an only child so I have no one having back the way both of my parents some what attack me. I just recently started a new job which has been the best in my history of jobs I am planning to move out ASAP but I know I have to save up a bit more before, I love and appreciate my parents and all of their support but things have gotten so heated I don't know how to make it threw until then..


Aneshia - posted on 08/22/2016




1. you have a daughter with no physical support from her father
2. in the eyes of your four yr old she sees grandpa as a father figure
3. the issue with your mother can easily be handled take your mother out and the two of you talk about what plans both of you have for the child and try and meet each other mid way at this point its whats best for the child
4.your father stays out because he do not want to hurt either you your mother nor his grand child
5. Children learn what a family should be like by the examples the adults in her life sets try and talk to your mother i did not say yell shout or insult talk honestly to one another and let her know what you feel it will sure make things better
and moving out is like running away it solves nothing work on solving what ever issues you and your mom has remember life is a cycle what you do now with your mother will come back ten fold


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 08/22/2016




You are living under your parents roof, so follow their rules. You have not explained WHAT has been heated, so just try to act mature and be a good role model for your child. She is seeing everything that is happening, so show her what it means to be an adult. You must act civil until you move out.

Sarah - posted on 08/20/2016




How long before you think you can afford to move? Do you get child support from the father, or qualify for any assistance that can make moving out sooner possible? I am not sure what you mean by "my parents some what attack me"? Are they violent? Do you have any other family that you could live with or rent a room from for a time. Meanwhile you have got to put your foot down with your mother. If she is providing child care for you, you may want to end that and allow her to be a grandparent. It is your child, your rules; end of story.

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