I confronted my friend about her bully son

Setarmstrong - posted on 06/03/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello, I'm new to this group and I need advice badly before I say something I probably shouldn't..
Here's what happened. I've been friends with this woman since our boys were in kindergarten, they are now in grade 4 and have been close friends for as many years. I've raised my son to stand up for himself and others and he came to me telling me that her son was being a bully to others and sometimes to him. After a while he asked me to talk to my friend about it. He told me all his friends were starting to leave out her son and were talking about how mean he is and that none of them wanted to be his friend anymore. I knew she was not going to take this news very well but if my son was being left out and being a bully, I would want to know about it. So I told her all about and she didn't believe me, got defensive and said she was going to do nothing about it and not worry about it all. It's been 6 months and now her and her husband blatantly ignore my kids at school and it's just extremely awkward at school functions. I'm sick of this high school behaviour and I want to call her out on this immature crap. Obviously our friendship is over but what am I teaching my kids if I don't somehow make amends. I do not regret saying anything and I would do it again if I had to and I honestly was trying to help. What would you do if you were me??

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