I could really use some help on finding birthday games for 6yr old girl. My Daughter's bday is in the winter and it's tough trying to find things to do so kids are not bored. Any suggestions?


Amy - posted on 11/26/2012




For my sons 6th birthday (February) we did it at the house. We purchased pots for the kids to paint and decorate, while they were drying we played a couple of games. One of the games they were paired up and given streamers and had two minutes to wrap up each other, and then we switched off. We also did pin the tail on the donkey. Once we finished games I had made cupcakes inside of ice cream comes the the kids were allowed to decorate how they wanted. Each of them were given a cup of frosting, we had food coloring, sprinkles, and some other things you can use to decorate. When we finished cupcakes we filled the pots they had colored with potting soil and planted seeds for the kids to go home and grow.

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