I cried because I missed it so much..

Maggie - posted on 04/16/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




So I have not been able to rock Katarina (my 16 month old) to sleep in a very long time. Nap time is usually around 12pm for her. I dont force naps. Its just a routine she has. She will usually come up to me and say, "Seepy". Then I will proceed to walk with her to her room and she will climb into bed. I will tuck her in and give her a kiss, turn out the light and walk out of the room. At night time she will usually do the same. For bed though I try to make sure she is in bed by 9pm. On the days when she fights sleep (not often) I have tried to help her soothe by rocking her in her rocking chair. This is a mommy trying and hoping her little baby will let her rock and comfort her. This never works. It turns into her arching her back and slapping me. She doesnt want me to rock her. So I lay her in bed and she calms down and lays there babbling to herself till she falls to sleep.

Well today she skipped her 12pm nap and rarely do I put music in her room. But today I put on some country music and she raised her hands to me and said, "dancing". I picked her up and we kinda danced around her room. She even tried to sing with the music. It was to cute. Anyways, after awhile she layed her head on my shoulder and I kept swaying back and fourth dancing with her. She fell to sleep and I couldnt help but enjoy the moment. I cried and I held her for another 30 minutes before laying her down in bed. I dont think I will ever forget this moment.

Just wanted to share.. :)


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