I desperately need help on how to speak with my narcissistic sister that embarressd my daughter

Jeana - posted on 11/30/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My older sister was very rude to my daughter and her new boyfriend over Thanksgiving dinner in front of the entire family. My sister and I have always been very, very close and she definitely has a narcissistic personality (bordering on stingy), so I was too terribly surprised when she said what she did. I do need to add a little history on our children. My sister, Jennifer has two adult kids. One boy, 19 years old with Asperger's syndrome. He dropped out of college within the first two weeks, holds a full time job and has a girlfriend that is pushing him to get married. She also has a 21 year old daughter that the college dismissed her because of bad grades after only 6 months. She too has a boyfriend that she lives with and she is now currently going to school to be a wedding planner. They are beautiful kids. I have two girls, one 19 year old and a 22 year old. My youngest, Gracie just finished her 1st semester of college and has a boyfriend that is a senior. Shelby my oldest, that was insulted by my sister is a senior with a double major, on the Dean's list every year and held a full time job at the same time. She too has a boyfriend that is a senior. Over Thanksgiving dinner my sister got up while we were all eating and it was quite and came over to Shelby and Jacob and said, "well, when are you two going to get married?, ya'll still DOING THE BIG NASTY?" I was shocked, my mother didn't know what to say. My daughter started tearing up. When I ask my sister, "what did you say?", she told me to flat out "SHUT UP, I'M NOT TALKING TO YOU. I need help in what to say to her when I call her please!! I just can't let this go. Please, please someone help me with what to say to her. I want to keep our relationship, but correct her on overstepping her bounds.


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Mardi - posted on 12/01/2013




Tell her exactly that....she overstepped a line and you want to make sure she understands, stuff like that can split a family........

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