I don't know how to fix my relationship with my mother! HELP!

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Okay, I'm Going To Try And Sum This Up as much as i can. My Mother Has Been Divorced Twice She Is Now 46 And Has Resorted To Online dating which Is Fine All i Said Was To Be Safe About It. so She Ends Up Meeting This Guy Online That Me Or My Siblings Knew Nothing About Until She Told Us That He's Coming From Texas And He's Moving In With Her!!! Okay i Have A 8 yr old brother and a 14 yr old sister (half siblings) From a Previous Marriage Still Living At Home With Her I've Been Married For 8 Years And Have 3 Children She's Always Been Eccentric NotAlways Making Smart Desicions But Despite I've Always Tried to Get Along She Means Well Most Of The Time Anywho.. So This Guy Moves In With Her And i donot Get Along With Him At All He's Very possesive Over Her And Has a Sketchy past (drug use assult charges,etc i did a Background Check) i Told My Mother, ItDidn't Seem To Affect Her i Just Get a Bad Vibe From Him And There Is Just Something About Him i Don't Like/Trust So He's Lived With Her For About a Year And a Half Now And i Found Out a Few Months Ago That She is PREGNANT! Also Found Out That This Was a Planned Pregnancy At This Point i Had Just Given Birth To Our Daughter About Two Months Prior i Don't Know How To Feel About This? It Bothers Me Alot i Haven't Talked To My Mom In About Four Months We Had An Argument Over The Situation And Haven't Talked Since. She Hasnt tried to contact me Whatsoever and That Hurts i Mean As My Mother i Don't Expect Her Just To Give Up But At The Same Time i Don't Know How To Get Past This It Bothers Me So Much i Need Her To Be My Mother And a Grandmother To My Children Any Advice On What i Should Do?????


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Unfortunately she's an adult and entitled to her opinions, thoughts, and bad decisions, although she ought to know that they're going to affect her children. In my opinion, you don't NEED to have your mom around if she weighs you down or is bad for you in any way, shape, or form, and children don't NEED grandparents...they need YOU-you're their mother. If you're worried about the safety of everyone in the household, call the police department and have them do a well being check on occasion. Call child services and have them check your siblings out. But like I said, your mom is an adult and she's going to live her life the way she wants, and you can't do anything but let the chips fall where they may. Good luck!!!

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