I don't know how to handle my step son I think he might be bipolar or something I need help

Cici - posted on 11/05/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I don't know what to do I DO NOT WANT HIM ON MEDS. He acts so good sometimes and he is the most loving kid ever he just has his bad weeks where nothing makes him happy and then sometimes every other day nothing makes him happy. Sometimes cuz I can't make him happy I will start to cry cuz I don't know what to do at times I'll give in to what ever it is that he wants put he'll still sit there and cry and follow me around the house while I'm cleaning going to the bathroom he'll sit out side the door crying I'll take out the trash or walk the dogs and he follows me crying even when I give him what ever he wants??!!?? It all happens soon as he doesn't get his way he'll start having a fit last night from the time he got home till I called his dad he was fighting me about doing his homework.his sister got grounded for a week for not doing her homework and I told him that and it did nothing I tried saying if you do your homework you'll get candy if you do your homework you can go outside and play even get a cookie nothing worked he just kept repeating him self which is what he does I don't want to do" my do homework " or what ever it is so then I started taking things away like telling him he will be grounded like his sister was no bike..... every time he said no he's not doing his homework I would try to take some or give something nothing work until he knew his dad was coming home his dad works out of town a lot gone sometimes for weeks I need help cuz idk what to do or who to talk to


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 11/05/2014




If you are concerned about his mental health, take him to your health care professional for advice and a referral to a therapist if need be. It sounds like normal behavior to me, but you never told us his age. Sounds like he has an issue with the word "no" and gets bribed and rewarded to often. THat is just based on the simple information you are offering though.

Who to talk to? His dad and his mom, and his doctor.

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