I don't know if my bf scared or indenial.....

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I was sleeping wit my friend off and on for a year we just made it official january 29 2013, he was my everying I couldn't stop laughing when I was around him, I can say anything that came to my head or say anything crazy and he will laugh at it.... he would rub my feet make time for me and check on me all the time.... I found out I was pregnant febuary 26 I told him and he was like "what we only did it 2 times" I don't know if he was playing or serious but he sounded real dumb... so everytime we talk he will never mention it he became real distance some days he will be happy and then the next day it seem like he don't wanna be botherd... then he said "oh we going to need dna" did he forget it only takes one time.... he continued to be distance when I want to see him he will agree and they say that he want me to wait he's chillin wit his boys... I don't know whatz going on wit him he just changed on me and oh and did I say this is his second child wit someone else in a past relationship.... help me is he pmsing help me


~♥Little Miss - posted on 04/17/2013




Well, it clearly was an unwanted huge shock to him. I would get that DNA test so he needs to own up. Don't force a relationship, even though it must be very upsetting and painful for you. Sounds like he is a great guy when there are no complications. That is to bad. I am sorry. I would just keep him updated on the progress of the pregnancy, and ask him what kind of involvement he wants. I would definitely be seeking child support. He is not stupid, it only takes one time like you said.

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