I don't know what else to do, about my disrepectful 5 yr. old daughter. plz any tips will help tremendously.

Danielle - posted on 10/27/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




my five-year old daughter, is very spoiled and knows I'll give in to her demands.I don't have good patience at all. That's something I'm asking God to help me with. Dazlynn (my daughter), knows about God and Jesus, and about forgiveness. At school, and when I'm not around she is quieter and so respectful to other adults. She has the biggest heart, and she is loving when she wants to. But she will not tell me she is sorry for nothing. I give up sometimes and I'm so upset at the end of the day, I cry. Help!!


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 10/28/2013




I agree with the rest

YOU ARE THE PARENT. She is the 5 YO. Quit letting her be in charge, be prepared for fits that you will meet calmly, and consistently.

The reason that she is "so respectful" to others is because they hold her to expectations. Her teachers will not allow tantrums, so she follows their rules. You allow her to get away with everything and dictate to you how things will be, so she throws fits with you.

Explain to her that mommy wasn't doing her best before, but now mommy is working harder at being a good mommy, so she needs to help by learning the new rules.


Ev - posted on 10/28/2013




The way this reads to me is that you give in to her wants and desires when ever she wants, how she wants, and what she wants. You allow her to dictate to you how life is going to be. You allow her to do as she wants as well. And whenever you do say no, she has a fit and gets disrespectful. It is totally up to you to fix this. When she got old enough to learn what "NO" meant you should have been sticking to it instead of letting her have her way when things were getting out of hand. So, you have to hear her cry some but when she finds out that she is not getting what she wants she will learn. If YOU do not do something now, she will run over you worse as a teenager.

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