I don't know what to think, pregnancy symptoms gone

Toya - posted on 06/01/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




So i thought for sure i could be pregnant. I had sore breast and cramps for some time, but today I feel completely normal...I don't feel pregnant anymore :( its only 7 day before my expected period, I haven't took a pregnancy test yet, I just rather wait it out to see first. But as of now i don't know what to think! This really saddens me :( Has anyone been through this?


Sarah - posted on 06/01/2012




Those signs can also be a sign of ovulation, not pregnancy; especially if you're still a week before your period is due. For most women on a 28 day cycle, your fertile period (ovulation) would be around day 14 or so. To get pregnant, you need to have sex around the 1-2 days before to 1-2 days after to conceive. If you did and the egg was fertilized, it would need to travel down your Fallopian tubes to your uterus and implant. This would become a pregnancy (once implanted). The fertilized egg can take about a week before they implant. That means, you wouldn't technically be pregnant until about a week before your period is due. The earliest pregnancy tests can detect the hormones that are released once it implants about 5 days before your period is due. Most women don't start to feel pregnancy symptoms like breast tenderness until they are 4-6 weeks or so along (at the earliest) which would put them at most around their period due date or shortly thereafter.

My guess is that your symptoms were that of ovulation, not pregnancy (sorry). Either that or that sometimes we can hope so much that we are pregnant we will get symptoms of it. I truly wish the best for you and hope you will be. We suffered a year of infertility and probably 20 negative tests before we finally got a positive one. I know how frustrating trying can be when all you want is to be pregnant. Good luck.

Jade - posted on 06/01/2012




As its only 7 days before your expected period i wouldnt worry too much, if you are pregnant being that early in pregnancy symptoms can come and go as they please, im 20weeks pregnant and i still even now have days were i feel completly normal like nothing has changed.. or you might not have been pregnant as i regularly had cramps and sore breast for weeks leading upto a more heavier bleed it was like more bodys warning sign, ''stock up'' haha. Either way try not to be saddend by this, im sure its just our female hormones all over the place, i would say best to take a test or even go to the doctors to investigate more if your curious and are needing awnsers. Im sure you will be fine, good luck hun :)


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