I don't like pork because it has high lauric acid, I dont wanna get suffered when i am old. What about you?


Jodi - posted on 07/08/2012




Actually, did you know that all meat has a moderate amount of uric acid and the uric acid in pork is no higher than in other meat? In fact, it is significantly lower than some meats. There are some cuts of lamb and beef that have four TIMES the amount as is in pork!! And heck, don't eat oysters or lentils. Even cocoa, mushrooms, and every fruit and vegetable you can think of. Think about it, they recommend that we eat meat in moderation, but as much as we like in the way of vegetables. So you could limit your meat intake to 150g a day.....but your vegetable intake to 300g, and guess what? You'd be getting just as much uric acid in your vegetables.

Not sure what you've been reading.....but if I were you, I'd put it down before you freak yourself into starvation.


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Michelle - posted on 07/09/2012




We love pork in our house. Bacon is a staple and roast pork is at least every other week coplete with crackling!!!! Yummy.

Everything in moderation is fine and if we believed all the "reports" out there on what was bad for us we would starve!

Are eggs good or bad this week?

Krista - posted on 07/09/2012




Jeana, most of the online "sources" that claim that pork stores 80% of its uric acid are sites that have a vested interest in people not eating pork - i.e. sites that are about kosher and halaal eating.

If you don't want to eat pork, then don't eat it. But I do hope that you're not trying to scare other people out of eating it, based on such silly misinformation.

Stifler's - posted on 07/08/2012




Don't eat it then. My family aren't big on pork. In fact I can't remember the last time I ate a pork chop or roast pork. *puts roast pork on shopping list*

Krista - posted on 07/07/2012




ALL meats have a moderate amount of purine nucleotides, and NONE of them have high enough concentrations to worry about. Just eat it in moderation, like you would anything else.

Pigs, like humans and primates, are quite capable of turning their body's uric acid into urea and getting rid of it as urine.

Jeana - posted on 07/07/2012




Sorry, i made mistake for this post. What i wrote "lauric acid" should be "uric acid".

Louise - posted on 07/07/2012




I think if we listened to all medical jargon we would not eat anything! Everything is just a fad diet these days. You have to remember we are all from cavemen and all that was available then was meat. Atkins diet I suppose but without the dairy. We were not designed to eat vegetables and fruits as there simply werent any!

I think you can eat what you want within moderation. Too much sugar and salt is more of a risk to you then eating pork!

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